How to Get More Amazon Reviews Legally (3 Easy Steps)

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It might suck sometimes: you feel in your heart of hearts you know a way that works better than what’s in place, but you’re constrained by the rules. Getting more Amazon reviews means you have to play by Amazon’s rules, but think about it from a different perspective for a second. Amazon rewards merchants who do things above board, and can boot sellers from the site if they take on shady means. If you’re wondering what the best ways of getting more Amazon reviews are, then FeedbackExpress has got them for you.

1. Read Amazon’s Official Rules Until They’re Memorised

Right off the bat, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get yourself so familiar with Amazon’s reviews rules, we could wake you up in the middle of the night for a pop quiz and you’d ace it.

Knowing what’s kosher and what isn’t eliminates any grey area so you never have to worry if you’re doing the wrong thing. It’s like wearing a seatbelt: put it on every time you’re in the car, even if you’re just going around the block, and you never have to worry about it not being on if a hairy situation comes up.

To find the guidelines, just log into your Seller Central account and take a look at them there. If you haven’t yet signed up to sell on Amazon but are curious about what they entail, here’s a little rundown:

  • Don’t offer free products in exchange for reviews, as Amazon outlawed this in October. The only exception is if you’re part of the Amazon Vine program.
  • Don’t be the one writing the reviews for products that benefit you financially.
  • Don’t offer money or a product in exchange for a review.
  • Don’t offer a discount or promotion in exchange for a review. You can still do things like offer coupons, but not when the person has to write a review to get it.
  • Don’t get biased people to write you reviews, like friends or family members.
  • Don’t vote on the helpfulness of reviews, because that shouts ‘bias’ to Amazon.
  • Don’t comment negatively on your competitors’ products, for the same reason as immediately above.
  • Don’t swap a good review for a good review.
  • Don’t accept unverified reviews (i.e. no reviews before a sale happens).

There are plenty more, but that’s a bit of a summary of what you should be avoiding.

Here’s a handy checklist which you can use to ensure you’re staying compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service for Buyer-Seller messaging.

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2. Spread Awareness (and Sales) of Your Product or Brand

It is totally fine to do everything you can to spread the word about why people should be buying from you and not your competitors within Amazon’s ecosystem. This is when you should be running promotions or offering coupons/discounts, as it’ll strengthen your chances of more sales.

And the more sales you get, the likelier your chances of getting more Amazon reviews. Just make sure to keep offering stellar products, optimising your listings and photos, and responding to customers’ comments and questions super fast.

3. Use an Amazon Review System to Streamline the Process

Before you go thinking this is just a shameless plug to use FeedbackExpress, hear us out for a second. Yes, we’ll take care of all the little details for you, like sending out friendly emails to buyers to get them to leave a review, and yes, we’ll follow all of Amazon’s rules so you can increase your chances of getting that precious Buy Box.

But we’ll also do more than that. Say you get a tonne of reviews in a very short period of time. Amazon can maybe look at that as you fraudulently soliciting reviews and can flag your account. To avoid that, we can stagger when we send out messages for reviews so they’ll be spread across more evenly and help keep you from getting flagged by Amazon.

How FeedbackExpress Helps You Get Amazon Reviews [Video]

Check out this short video from a current FeedbackExpress user, explaining how he currently uses our Amazon feedback software to get more reviews on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Think you’ve covered all the bases when it comes to getting more Amazon reviews on your site? FeedbackExpress will put a hypothetical coffee on it by saying we can probably pull another couple aces out of our sleeves. If you still think you can do better, then we challenge you to sign up for free for the first 14 days and prove us wrong.

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