When selling online, you’re only as good as your reviews. Reputation is everything, considering shoppers don’t have a chance to see you and your products in person. When it comes to finding the perfect Amazon feedback software, FeedbackExpress has you covered.


1. Check Out the Support System

One of the biggest reasons Amazon does as well as it does is because its customer support is amazing. Buyers feel very comfortable using the site because they know their needs will be taken care of to a great degree.

You should look for the same with feedback software. You’re a customer using a service, and one of your top priorities should be that if you need help with anything, it’ll be there. And like any customer, you want to be treated like a person and know there’s a live human on the other end helping you out instead of a generic FAQ section.


2. Essential Features You Need and Ones That Could Come in Handy in the Future

When selecting a feedback software for Amazon, you should approach it in two ways: how will it help you right now, and how will it help you in the future?

For your immediate concerns, those features are a must-have. If you can’t rely on your software to ably handle your needs, it won’t be much use to you. And if you can’t rely on it now, then it’ll be really hard to jump to the next level.

Once you have the first set of criteria met, it’s time to think a little more abstractly and picture what needs you’ll have in the future. A good feedback software will be able to grow with you.

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3. The Level of Customisation That Works For You

Think of the smartphone divide as an example. iOS users value the clean-cut interface and plug-and-play usability. Android users, on the other hand, tend to want more control and customisation. Neither operating system is good or bad in its own respect; it’s more a matter of what you’re looking for.

Likewise, feedback software can be divided into the same camps. There are some programs that will offer ease-of-use at the cost of control, and some that will offer more options at the cost of a steeper learning curve.


4. It Has Its OWN Good Reviews

Look at what past users have to say. It’ll be rare to find one Amazon feedback software that only has stellar reviews, as that will usually indicate something brand new that hasn’t really been tested. But if you find a software where the majority of people have great things to say, you’ll know that the bad reviews are probably isolated incidents.

Also pay attention to what people are saying. If you notice a common theme of complaints cropping up, consider if that area is important enough that it’ll affect you adversely. Also look at how the software designers have responded. If they seem to really pay attention to what people are saying and make an attempt to better the situation, then it’s definitely a good sign.


5. You Can Use it on Multiple Amazon Marketplaces

Let’s say you live in the UK, but sell in the Amazon India marketplace. If you don’t speak Hindi or Bengali, how are you going to appropriately ask buyers there for a review? Google Translate has progressed leaps and bounds but the last thing you want to do is make an unintentional language gaffe.

This option is crucial if you sell in multiple marketplaces. Being able to communicate with a buyer in their mother tongue shows you’re making an effort to give them the best experience possible and that always goes a long way. Make sure to find a feedback software that supports multiple marketplaces so you can expand your reach.


Final Thoughts

If the thought of googling and reviewing tons of Amazon feedback software programs fills you with dread, we’ve got the perfect solution: FeedbackExpress. We support multiple marketplaces, we offer small and large degrees of customisation and we have fantastic and personable support staff on the other end. People love us! But don’t just take our word for it and try it for yourself. As a bonus, start things off with a 30-day free trial.

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