21 07, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week


Welcome to Ecommerce Weekly, FeedbackExpress' review of the top ecommerce, Amazon and eBay news from around the Web this week. How Amazon’s own messaging service could beat WhatsApp and Messenger: James Peckham at Tech Radar reports that according to reports, Amazon is hard at work on its own messaging platform to compete with the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp and maybe even workplace solutions like Slack. It’s rumoured to be called Anytime and it was reported by AFTV News after Amazon began surveying customers about potential innovative features for the new service. Continue reading... Amazon launches Spark, a shoppable feed of stories and photos aimed at Prime members: Sarah Perez at TechCrunch reports that Amazon have introduced Amazon Spark, an Instagram-style shoppable feed that appears inside the Amazon app to showcase products. The experience is like scrolling through your Instagram feed, except in this case everything is set up so you can click on an image and buy items much more easily. Continue reading… How to avoid Amazon FBA long-term storage fees: Chris Dunne at RepricerExpress reminds sellers that Amazon FBA long-term storage fees are due

20 07, 2017

The Best Products to Private Label on Amazon


What is Private Labelling? Private labelling is a pretty simple concept. You sell your own inventory and use your own packaging, but the items you’re selling are made by someone else. For example, the supermarket Tesco have private label goods in their Tesco Value and Tesco Finest ranges. What’s really cool about private labelling is that you get a great product to sell, but don’t have to deal with all the fuss that goes along with brand name marketing costs. It's a lot more expensive to sell branded goods than your own brand and with the introduction on Amazon Brand Gating in September 2016, a lot more hassle. By selling your own brand with less costs, that translates into greater profits for you!   How to Do Private Labelling on Amazon Right It seems like a quick and easy way to boost your profits, no? And it is — as long as you follow these simple rules first. 1. Be Patient You’re creating a brand, and not just selling it, so the dividends are going to take a bit of time to reveal themselves. It’s

19 07, 2017

Amazon FBA Tools for Private Label Sellers


One of the hallmarks of a successful Amazon seller is knowing what resources to use and what to discard. But sometimes gathering a list of resources is the tough part, so FeedbackExpress has compiled one for you that you can bookmark and keep coming back to, no matter what tip or information you’re looking for that day. When You Need...A New Product 1. Alibaba One of the biggest buying/selling platforms in the world, Alibaba is one of the top go-to’s when it comes to finding just about any product you can think of. There’s also flexibility when it comes to you looking for a manufacturer, supplier or agent, depending on your selling needs. 2. Guided Imports If product sourcing isn’t one of your strong suits, then Guided Imports does it for you. You simply pay a fee and have them do the work for you, from analysing products to shipping them around the world. 3. AliExpress When you join, AliExpress gives you a whole bunch of coupons to use so you can dip your toes in before committing to bigger orders.   When You Need...Photos

18 07, 2017

Boost Your Sales With These 3 Amazing Amazon SEO Secrets


Hands up if you love learning about Amazon SEO secrets the rest of the public doesn’t know about. Now keep those hands up if you’re an Amazon seller, and are dying to know what you can do to get a serious jump on the competition. Curious? Awesome — FeedbackExpress has put together this exclusive post just for you! 1. Brand Recognition is Everything If you’ve been slacking on your SEO-ness, it’s time to stop. For reals. Especially if you think that you don’t need it with Amazon’s template. Ecommerce is ecommerce, and SEO has principals that can be used across the board. And if you need only one reason why SEO should be on your daily to-do list, it’s because brand recognition is everything. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that just because Amazon has a team of amazing designers and engineers, you don’t have to do anything and can just rest on their laurels. While you can to a certain extent, there’s still a certain amount of legwork for you involved.   2. Understanding How the Search Process Works You may

17 07, 2017

How to Get a #1 Physical Product Bestseller on Amazon


Guest post by Joshua & Shimmy Morris In this article. you'll learn how to absolutely and positively get a number one bestseller on Amazon. This works with any product and it's an extremely powerful strategy if done correctly. When you have a bestseller badge, it shows up wherever your listing is ranking. Even if somebody searches a completely unrelated keyword to your niche, if you show up, your listing displays a bestseller badge. The little orange badge of magic will increase your clicks to your listing, increase your conversion rates and that effectively boosts your rank and sales for every single keyword. So let's talk about how this is done! Category sniper tactic Imagine Mike Tyson started boxing in the lightweight division. He would knock everyone senseless in a matter of seconds because he is a heavyweight boxer. We are going to do exactly this in Amazon by changing our product category. Every product niche has several (usually a handful) of product categories that you can list in. For example, the niche 'dog lead' (I love this example) can be listed in the following categories.

14 07, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week


Welcome to Ecommerce Weekly, FeedbackExpress' review of the top ecommerce, Amazon and eBay news from around the Web this week. Amazon Prime Day breaks record; sales grew by more than 60 percent: Lauren Thomas at CNBC reports that Amazon said this year's Prime Day was its "biggest day ever," with sales surpassing the combined value of its 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday results. Prime Day sales grew by more than 60% with a "record number" of Prime members shopping across 13 countries. One factor that could have skewed this year's results was that last year's Prime Day was for 24 rather than 30 hours, and included fewer countries. Continue reading... eBay has 1,875 "millionaire" sellers in Europe: Joe at Marketplace Pulse reports eBay has published a brand new "Inside the eBay Economy" report, highlighting a number of new metrics about eBay's marketplaces in Europe. The key highlight is that eBay now has 1,875 sellers turning over £1m or €1m. This number has risen by 50 percent since 2013. In Germany, the number of million euro businesses grew from 731 in 2013 to 1,095 last

13 07, 2017

6 Great Reasons to Use Amazon Feedback Software


Ever wonder why FeedbackExpress has all the buzz surrounding it that it does? It’s because we’re the best at doing all the little things that help you get better visibility as a top Amazon seller. But if you’re wondering what those little things are, then we’ve got six reasons why you need to start using Amazon feedback software right away. 1. You Can Increase the Number of Reviews You Get On Amazon, reviews are the top way you can get more sales, next to having a Buy Box. Buyers want to know they’re dealing with a trusted seller and quality products, and reading previous consumers’ reviews that says so inspires them to also make that choice. But if you have too few reviews, how are buyers going to trust you? And with so much on your plate already, why spend more time on asking for feedback when software can do it for you?   2. You Can Reduce the Amount of Negative Feedback You Have There are two ways to view negative feedback: the first is as a tool to improve yourself, and the second

12 07, 2017

Two Awesome Strategies to Boost Amazon Sales


If you’re a not-quite-beginner seller on Amazon and an in a sales slump, you don’t have to feel stuck any longer. FeedbackExpress is focusing on two specialised strategies you can employ to help boost your sales. Because they’re a little more in-depth than the usual Amazon tips, we’re going to be assuming you already know the basics and we’ll be jumping onto a higher level. Strategy 1: Using Discount Coupons Both On and Off Amazon If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, you know that it’s pretty easy to generate a coupon code. All you have to is select ‘Percentage Off’ under the promotions category and fill out the rest. However, there’s a better, more efficient way you can use discount coupons to boost your sales. With discount coupons, there are essentially two ways you can use them, on-site and off. On-site coupons: Using discount coupons on Amazon’s site means you don’t have to change the actual price of the product. Instead, you can apply a temporary discount to the item but still keep the same price the rest of the time. This

6 07, 2017

Amazon Product Review Mistakes to Avoid


Guest blog post by Karon Thackston from Marketing Words I was just in a Facebook group about five minutes ago reading a thread from a seller who screamed, "HELP! I was notified by Amazon that my account was suspended due to product review manipulation. The suspension was out of the blue. I am not doing any giveaways. I do send follow-up emails asking for a product review if they liked the item or to contact me if there are any issues and I will resolve it.....could this follow-up email or the wording be what Amazon has suspended my account for? This was completely out of the blue and help would be greatly appreciated!" The conversation went on for quite a while until some brilliant soul chimed in to inform the panicked seller that yes, it is against Amazon's terms of service to try to sway a customer's actions when it comes to providing a product review. Related: What to Do If Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended Amazon states: Seller Tip: Always use software which is 100% Amazon compliant like FeedbackExpress As I continued to read

4 07, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Amazon Seller Feedback Rating


"84% of us trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations", BrightLocal (2016) If l had to point out just one factor that could make or break your success on Amazon, l’d say it’s how your customers feel about you. Please them, and you’ve taken care of a major part of selling online. So, how exactly do you go about boosting your Amazon seller feedback rating? 1. Identify What It Means Before you can even begin earning great feedback, you have to discover what to do to get you there. And once you do, you have to practice it all the time. Customer satisfaction isn’t a part-time job—if you're serious about selling on Amazon, it should be your primary focus. This first step can be divided into the actions you take and pretty much leave on the table, and the actions that need to be done again and again. With the former, it’s things like being 100% honest about a product’s specifications. And with the latter, it’s things like responding to customers in real time.   2. Answer Questions and Address Concerns I can’t stress