21 11, 2017

9 Tips to Help You Get The Most Out of Amazon Feedback Software


If you've been using feedback software for Amazon such as FeedbackExpress for a while now, you should have experienced an increase in the number and quality of seller feedback and product reviews you've received. However, there's always room for improvement especially at this time of the year when the majority of sellers will experience an increase in sales. With that in mind, I've put together a number of tips to help you get more out of your automated Amazon emails to buyers this holiday season and beyond!   1. Build rapport with an order confirmation email This is my number one tip! If you don't do anything else from this blog, then please do this. You should use a customer service campaign to send an order confirmation email one day after an order is confirmed. This helps to prevent negative feedback as buyers now have a contact if anything goes wrong with their order. Another benefit of sending this email is that it helps to build a relationship with the customer. So, when you request seller feedback and/or a product review at a later point,

20 11, 2017

4 Ways to Prepare for the Amazon Holiday Season


Like it or not, Christmas is really creeping up on us. And for all you Amazon elves working hard, the upcoming holiday season represents a period where you can dramatically increase your sales. If the sound of that is music to your ears, then FeedbackExpress has four ways you can prepare yourself.   1. Start Your Holiday Specials Early in the Season A lot of sellers wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to start advertising their holiday deals, but we feel that’s too late. Although it may raise ire with Christmas purists, getting started as early as September can have good kickbacks for you. If you think that’s too early, then the beginning of October is another option. Getting your name out there before the masses can have valuable potential for your store. While you’re probably not going to see many, if any, sales in September, shoppers will be scouting out sellers to make mental notes of future purchases. And if you’re one of the few they look at, you’ll stick out in their minds a lot more than if you’re trying to compete with plenty

17 11, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week


Welcome to Ecommerce Weekly, FeedbackExpress' review of the top Amazon and ecommere news from around the Web this week. Alibaba smashes Singles’ Day records with 39% sales lift: Chris Dawson at Tamebay reports that Alibaba‘s Singles’ Day records have been smashed yet again with a massive $25.3 billion of merchandise being sold. That’s 39% above the 2016 Singles’ Day sales total of $17.8 billion which was eclipsed after just 13 hours and nine minutes into the shopping extravaganza. Total GMV of $25.3 billion was generated by 812 million orders up 23% from last year. Continue reading... Source: Tamebay Amazon will become a $1 trillion giant in 2018: Shona Ghosh at Business Insider UK reports that Amazon could be worth $1 trillion (£763 billion) by the end of 2018, according to a bullish calculation by Morgan Stanley. The bank also predicted the firm could hit a $2,000 (£1,526) share price in the next 12 months. The major reason: Amazon has built several fast-growing businesses on top of its core, massive retail business. Specifically, there's Amazon Web Services, advertising and Prime subscriptions. All of these are fledgling

16 11, 2017

3 Secrets to Help You Win at Amazon Product Reviews


Let's say one thing right off the bat: we here at FeedbackExpress hate dealing with anything negative because we think every cloud has a silver lining. But it’s an inevitability that you’ll come across a negative review and it’s how you handle it (hopefully with aplomb) that’ll shape you as a seller.   Differentiating Between Amazon Product Reviews and Seller Feedback Buyers can leave you one of two types of feedback: seller or product-related. The former has to do with your behaviour during the selling process (and is, and has been, the topic of another post), while the latter deals with the quality of the item you sold. A little side-note: I once had a room-mate who made up Excel charts for hospitals that recommended which pieces of medical equipment they should buy. There were about a half-dozen criteria that scored points and the item with the most overall points was the one hospitals would get. This ensured that, for the most part, hospitals would get the generally best product for the generally best price. Pretty much the same idea goes for selling on Amazon.

15 11, 2017

Infographic: The Rise of Dedicated Shopping Days


The whole area of retail has changed vastly in the last couple of decades as a result of the emergence of Ecommerce websites. This has created major flux for brick and mortar retailers who have to contend with the increased competition that the Internet brings. Days like Black Friday have been around for many years but with the existence of other online specific days, it means that large amounts of revenue are generated on these highly marketed days. The guys at Carvaka have put together this infographic which details everything you need to know about the phenomenon that are dedicated shopping days. Learn about the background to each day; discover some fascinating facts and statistics plus lots more.

14 11, 2017

7 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Not Performing


You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect Facebook ads, only they’re not performing like you expected to. If you’re puzzled why, FeedbackExpress has seven possible reasons for the causes.   1. Your Campaign Objective Doesn’t Fit Your Campaign Facebook gives you a bunch of campaign objectives to choose from, like increasing traffic, conversions, reach, brand awareness and more. But if your actual goal doesn’t match your campaign, then you might not be having much luck with it. If you’re just starting out, then your campaign objectives should be centred around things like expanding your reach and brand awareness. As you get deeper into the game, look at objectives like product catalogue sales (dynamic product updating) and video views (for introducing new products).   2. Not Enough People Are Reached By Your Ads So you’ve matched your campaign objective with your end goal(s), but still not getting results. A really common reason is there just isn’t enough attention on your ads. You have to remember the behemoth that is Facebook: real estate is extremely precious, and you’re competing with funny cat

13 11, 2017

4 Last-Minute Tips to Increase Amazon Sales Before Black Friday


Selling on Amazon allows you access to millions of their customers including 63 million Amazon Prime customers but it's a hugely competitive market with all third-party sellers trying to grab a slice of the pie. The Buy Box is the Holy Grail for Amazon sellers but getting it and staying in it, is a lot easier said than done. Like most things in life, if you want something, then you need to work hard to achieve that goal. Here's four tips which can help boost your sales this holiday season, if you're not afraid of a bit of hard work!   #1. Competitive Pricing Repricing is important all year round but even more so at the holiday season. Take advantage of hot products or competitors' selling out by increasing your prices at these times to maximise your profit margin. With repricing software like RepricerExpress, you can keep an eye on your competitors' prices and boost your Buy Box chances. Ensure you have ample stock of hot products in order to meet the inevitable increase in demand. And, don't worry if you have stock left over

10 11, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week


Welcome to Ecommerce Weekly, FeedbackExpress' review of the top Amazon and ecommere news from around the Web this week. Amazon adds its own discounts to third-party seller products: Steve Dent at Engadget reports that Amazon is cutting the prices of third-party seller items at its own expense to be more competitive with other online sites. The items are labelled as "Discount provided by Amazon". The discounts are less than 10 percent and appear to only be applied for sellers that use Amazon's fulfilment service. Continue reading... This 28-year-old's company makes millions buying from Walmart and selling on Amazon: Zack Guzman at CNBC reports on how our friend Ryan Grant makes millions. Only four years after quitting his accounting job to flip purchases full-time, his business is making well into the six figures in profits per year. As a student at Winona State University, he organised textbook buyback events on campus twice a year. He listed the books on Amazon and shipped them out to customers around the country for a profit of up to $10,000 a year. Continue reading... Amazon to discontinue Sponsored Product ads

9 11, 2017

5 Common Amazon Mistakes to Avoid


It’s said that a smart person learns from their own mistakes, and a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. At FeedbackExpress, we want you to be the best seller you can possibly be, so here are the top 5 most common mistakes to avoid on Amazon.   Mistake 1: Not Following Amazon’s Policies and Terms & Conditions This one is probably the easiest mistake to avoid but seems to be made because sellers don’t take the time to read through Amazon’s policies thoroughly and clearly. One of the biggest violations sellers make is selling counterfeit items, which Amazon clearly states as not being allowed. This particular area can get a little fuzzy when sellers list items made with generic parts and pieces to mimic certain items, which Amazon can claim is a counterfeit of something else. It’s not against Amazon’s rules to sell generic items, but you should double check for each category you sell in to make sure it’s okay to do so. You can check out more of Amazon’s policies here. Although it might seem onerous to take the time to

7 11, 2017

Free eBook: 11 Ways to be a Successful Amazon Seller


In this free guide, you will hear from a fantastic range of experts about some of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon. Being educated and informed is a crucial tool in the Amazon seller’s arsenal. The ebook every Amazon seller should read covers: How to win the Amazon Buy Box. How to get more product reviews legally. How to rank well on Amazon. How to find profitable inventory. Selling multichannel. Avoiding suspension. Beating currency uncertainty. Sales tax. Funding options. Optimised inventory management. Special thanks to our contributors: Andy Geldman, WebRetailer RepricerExpress - Amazon repricing software Stephen Smotherman, Full-Time FBA Skubana Chris McCabe, Ecommerce Chris Currencies Direct Taxjar Kabbage Forecastly Get your free ebook today and start increasing your sales!