29 03, 2017

5 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Website

There are two main problems that plague all ecommerce merchants: lack of traffic, and lack of conversions. If you’ve been having trouble with either—or want to improve both then FeedbackExpress has five awesome tips for you. First off, let’s make sure everyone knows the difference between traffic and conversion. We know it’s probably a trifling point for most of you, but just in case: Traffic: Generally speaking, the number of hits you get on your page. You can further qualify it as unique hits, and also define how long someone has to spend on your page to be a unique hit. Conversion: In the most general of terms, conversion is the ratio/percentage of number of people who visit your store and the number who make a purchase. So with that being said, let’s look at how you can improve things overall for the betterment of the two. #1. Your Pictures Aren’t Worth a Thousand Words If you’ve grown tired of hearing how often taking amazing pictures is one of your top priorities as a merchant, bear with us for just one more time. Consumers are

28 03, 2017

Why Gathering Feedback on Amazon is Crucial for Sellers

You’ve likely heard some variation on this: people only post a review when they’re unhappy and want others to share in their misery. But good reviews matter, too! Actually, all reviews are important when dealing on Amazon. If you already use FeedbackExpress, then you know what we’re talking about. But if you don’t, then read on to have your mind mini-blown. The Single Most Important Reason for Having Reviews Think back about 20 years ago. If the holes in your socks finally got big enough to the point you couldn’t wear them any more, you schlepped out to the store and picked out another pack. Maybe you asked a salesperson some questions about them, or maybe you just picked up different packages to compare softness and strength. Either way, you could see immediately and first-hand just what kind of socks you were getting. If your socks today got big holes and you had to replace them, it’d be far more easier to just order them online. But without being able to pick them up, how would you know if they’d last a good long time

27 03, 2017

5 Useful Ways Private Label Sellers Can Get More Amazon Product Reviews

If you’re one of the growing number of entrepreneurs who are dealing with their own product label and brand, then FeedbackExpress has got the post for you! We’ll go into different strategies you can use to spread the word on your private label product and increase its saleability. 1. Why Do Amazon Product Reviews Even Matter? If you’re selling your own brand, then you don’t have the luxury of years and plenty of money spent on bolstering that label’s reputation. Buyers, unless they’re really familiar with you and your style as a seller, don’t really have any way of knowing why they should choose your private label product over a better-known brand name. Plus, in today’s world where online selling is becoming increasingly popular, buyers trust their fellow buyers’ opinions more than ever before. Whether you think of it as buzz or herd mentality, shoppers turn to their peers for affirmation for their own choices. So, here’s how to rocket yourself up several levels. 2. Network with Amazon’s Top-Ranked Reviewers Just as there are Amazon sellers who are more highly ranked than others, there are

24 03, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to Ecommerce Weekly, FeedbackExpress' review of the top ecommerce, Amazon and eBay news from around the Web this week. Amazon’s new ‘Outfit Compare’ reviews pics, tells people what to wear: Todd Bishop at GeekWire reports that Amazon has quietly rolled out a new feature for its iOS app called Outfit Compare. The free service allows Amazon Prime members to upload pictures of themselves in different outfits and receive expert advice. Add two photos of yourself wearing different outfits, then, in about a minute, a fashion specialist will respond to let you know which outfit looks better on you. The answers take into account how the clothes fit you, which colours look best on you, how the outfits are styled, and what’s on trend right now. Continue reading... Jeff Bezos controls a giant Avatar-style robot at top secret Amazon event: Mark Molloy at The Telegraph reports that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, was pictured at a top secret Amazon conference inside a futuristic robot suit. Bezos reportedly quipped “Why do I feel so much like Sigourney Weaver?”, in a reference to the film Aliens. Jeff shared a photo

22 03, 2017

Smarter Repricing with New Features from RepricerExpress

RepricerExpress have released some really exciting features for to make managing your pricing on Amazon and eBay even easier. Plus, if you're a FeedbackExpress customer, you'll receive 10% off your monthly plan. #1. Buy Box Information on Dashboard Yip, for those of you selling on Amazon, you can now see detailed information about your Buy Box performance from the dashboard, including what's: Buy Box eligible A Buy Box winner A Buy Box winner but with low stock Eligible but not winning the Buy Box Not Buy Box eligible Recently lost the Buy Box At a glance, you can also see your Buy Box percentage over the last 30 days from a tidy little chart! Related: How to Increase Your Buy Box Percentage #2. Identify Your Own Price Wars, Best Sellers and More We're rolling out a super new feature called, Product Status Preferences where you can define what is flagged as being in a Price War, a Best Seller and what's Low Stock. Values are in there by default but you have the option to enter your own, per marketplace. These will be super useful in helping you

20 03, 2017

Boost Your Sales With These 3 Amazing Amazon SEO Secrets

Hands up if you love learning about Amazon SEO secrets the rest of the public doesn’t know about. Now keep those hands up if you’re an Amazon seller, and are dying to know what you can do to get a serious jump on the competition. Curious? Awesome — FeedbackExpress has put together this exclusive post just for you! 1. Brand Recognition is Everything If you’ve been slacking on your SEO-ness, it’s time to stop. For reals. Especially if you think that you don’t need it with Amazon’s template. Ecommerce is ecommerce, and SEO has principals that can be used across the board. And if you need only one reason why SEO should be on your daily to-do list, it’s because brand recognition is everything. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that just because Amazon has a team of amazing designers and engineers, you don’t have to do anything and can just rest on their laurels. While you can to a certain extent, there’s still a certain amount of legwork for you involved. 2. Understanding How the Search Process Works You may have

16 03, 2017

Webinar: Improve Your Amazon Feedback and Win the Buy Box

Don’t just compete for the Buy Box, win it! With around 90% of sales on Amazon going through the Buy Box, winning a share of it is crucial for the success of all Amazon sellers. Amazon’s algorithm considers a range of factors including price and feedback, before deciding who to award the Buy Box to. Learn how to master your seller metrics during our webinar with FeedbackExpress on Tuesday 21 March. We’ll be sharing simple strategies to help you get ahead of the competition and maximise profits from your international sales. Join us on Tuesday 21 March at 15:00 GMT (London time) to learn about: The importance of customer service on Amazon Increasing positive feedback and product reviews legally Dealing with negative feedback and protecting your seller metrics Pricing competitively in foreign markets Improving cash flows for consistent stock availability Maximising profit from international sales View the recorded webinar below. Presented by: Colin Palin, Head of Customer Support at FeedbackExpress Feedback Express makes it radically easy to improve your Amazon seller rating through powerfully effective, automated feedback/product review requests, and a whole lot more! With

15 03, 2017

How to Get More Seller Feedback on Amazon

Back in October last year, Amazon banned incentivised reviews, meaning retailers could no longer offer free or discounted products in exchange for a review, with the exception of the Amazon Vine program and books. This post looks at why feedback is important and how to get more positive seller feedback on Amazon. Why is feedback on Amazon important? Feedback is critical to the success and growth of your business. Feedback helps boost consumer confidence in the seller or the product. If buyers know you have a solid track record of delivering products on time, they will be more inclined to make a purchase from you. The most successful companies in the world collect feedback from customers and use it in their decision-making. And you shouldn't just be concerned with the nice comments. Negative feedback often provides the most value and highlight areas of your business that you can improve. Amazon is a review-driven marketplace which values customer satisfaction very highly. Your seller feedback score plays a big role in determining whether you'll win a share of the Buy Box. To win the Buy Box, you

13 03, 2017

How to Improve Your Amazon Order Defect Rate

There are so many metrics to focus on with Amazon, it can be a tad tricky to know where to start first. But as FeedbackExpress will tell you, one of the most important is the Order Defect Rate. It’s one of the biggest indicators of your health as a seller, and one of the biggest factors Amazon looks at whether to promote or demote you. How the Order Defect Rate is Calculated It’s a simple calculation here: number of orders divided by the number of negative defects on those orders, with each order counting as one, even if there’s more than one defect on that order. But because orders aren’t fully completed overnight (i.e. from the time a buyer clicks on something to when they receive it and leave a review), Amazon typically takes about a month or so to calculate this, so don’t expect it to show up right away. Keeping this in mind, always aim for your Order Defect Rate to stay under 1%. What Comprises the Defects in an Order There are three things Amazon looks at: Negative Feedback: If buyers are

10 03, 2017

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week

Welcome to Ecommerce Weekly, FeedbackExpress' review of the top ecommerce, Amazon and eBay news from around the Web this week. Amazon Prime launches in Mexico: Robbie Whelan at MarketWatch reports that this week Amazon launched its Prime offering in Mexico, where at least six companies are competing for market share. Mexico is the 13th country where Prime has launched, where for an annual fee of 449 pesos ($23) members will have access to free, one-day delivery in four of Mexico’s largest cities and free, two-day shipping in the rest of the country. Continue reading... Amazon wants to start shipping packages to the moon: Emma Boyle at Tech Radar reports that Jeff Bezos has said he wants to begin delivering packages to the moon in anticipation of the establishment of human settlements there. According to The Washington Post, Bezos has penned a seven-page white paper on behalf of his private space travel company Blue Origin which encourages NASA and the Trump administration to back an Amazon-like commercial lunar shipment service. Specifically, his shipment service. Continue reading... Adidas' e-commerce business increases by 59% leading it to double