29 01, 2019

5 Tips for Handling Negative Reviews on Amazon


Selling on Amazon is much more expensive and difficult to conduct with a poor reputation. Regardless of the nature of the accident that caused the decline in customer trust, they will be more likely to do business with other companies, because they want their experience to be as positive as possible. In fact, the 2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey found that 35% of online shoppers use rating filters and choose to contact businesses with a rating of at least 4 stars. Clearly, this finding is profound for businesses because if their rating is lower than 4 stars, they could potentially be overlooked by a lot of customers. In fact, the aforementioned survey also found that 80% of customers said they trusted businesses with 4.0, 4.5, and 5 stars. So, a higher rating proves that your business is worthwhile and reliable, so more people will be willing to contact you. On the other hand, negative reviews are unavoidable, so dealing with them is something that you have to do master. Why? Because being silent is a pretty good way to trash your reputation. Customers who leave negative

28 01, 2019

Is Amazon Deleting or Blocking Your Reviews?


Reviews are a fundamental part of doing well on Amazon, so the idea that yours could be blocked or deleted is worrisome. How do you know if it’s happening to you? FeedbackExpress uncovers what’s going on with product reviews on Amazon and what you can do to avoid that pitfall.   Are Amazon Reviews Actually Being Deleted or Blocked? Just as with almost everything that has to do with Amazon (and how it operates behind the scenes), there’s no surefire way to say what exactly is going on. They haven’t come out and issued any official statements on deleted or blocked reviews, so what’s known has come from firsthand accounts from sellers. It looks like three common situations have emerged that users have reported. 1. Deleted Reviews: Sellers have seen their sales numbers go up, but the number of reviews goes down. This can be extremely frustrating to sellers who are methodical and don’t skip any steps, like using a feedback app to request a review from every buyer. 2. Blocked Reviews: This situation can be a tricky one, as sellers don’t usually know about

25 01, 2019

The Top 5 Ecommerce News Stories of the Week


Welcome to FeedbackExpress’ weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon warehouse workers are getting utility belts that ward off robots: James Vincent at The Verge reports that Amazon has more than 100,000 robots in its warehouses, and so, naturally, needs to ensure that the machines play nice with human employees. The company’s latest solution to keep robo-human relations ticking over smoothly is what it calls the “Robotic Tech Vest” — a bit of kit that warehouse workers can wear to make them visible to nearby machines. Continue reading... Amazon knows what you buy and is building a big ad business from it: Karen Weise at The New York Times reports that ads sold by Amazon, once a limited offering at the company, can now be considered a third major pillar of its business, along with e-commerce and cloud computing. Amazon’s advertising business is worth about $125 billion, more than Nike or IBM, Morgan Stanley estimates. At its core are ads placed on by makers of toilet paper or soap that want to appear near product search results

22 01, 2019

How to Find a Private Label Manufacturer in China


Guest post by Sharline from Leeline Sourcing Business owners want to stand out among millions of ecommerce peers. One way of doing this is to use private labelling to distinguish items from others listed for sale online. This distinction can also allow for much more profit. In order to bring your business idea to life, you need to figure out which is the correct private label manufacturer and you need to be able to oversee the manufacturing process effectively. Generally, a private label item is one that is manufactured and supplied by one supplier and offered for sale under another company’s brand.  In this type of business model, the business owner has created his/her own brand and manages the supplier side including the design, logo, raw material, and manufacturing process. To make a successful private labelling business, you have to ensure you have the right private label manufacturer. This article will cover how you make sure you are getting the right private label supplier for your needs.   Where to Find Private Label Manufacturers? Where to find the right private label manufacturers? This question is

21 01, 2019

5 Tips to Select More Profitable Private Label Products


Guest post by Philip Murphy from Private Label Private label products give ecommerce sellers the advantages of higher profit margins and exclusivity, but you still incur some risk when trying to select a successful product and develop good business choices. Through careful research into consumer trends, market analysis, and manufacturing options, as outlined in the tips below, you can put yourself in the best position to develop a product line that will engage your customers over the long term while generating healthy profits for your business.   1. Don’t Skip the Research Make the most of the abundance of online tools available to research keywords, and then have a plan for putting the result of your research to use. One strategy is to find a product that is attracting strong interest but has not yet saturated the market. Keep track of the information you uncover; much of it can later be put to use in your own marketing efforts. The powerhouse of keyword research tools is Google Keyword Planner, which is free to use once you create a Google Ads account. Plug in the

19 01, 2019

Amazon Lead Generation Made Easy with Video Marketing


Guest post by Roman from Renderforest When it comes to growth, many businesses are struggling right now. Some are struggling due to the poor economy and some because of a lead generation problem. Lead generation is evolving at a rapid pace and thus several businesses are looking for the best ways to generate leads at the best possible ways. One of the best ways is through video marketing. For some time, video marketing has been a staple of lead generation. For instance: virtual reality, 3D and live video. According to a report by Renderforest, 93% of businesses are gaining new customers because of video posting on social media. This is the major reason why many businesses are using video. Undoubtedly, the video is one of the most trusted mediums right now. But it all depends if you are using it in a correct way. Amazon lead generation has grabbed the attention of many businesses. If you're confused how Amazon Lead Generation can make video marketing easy, then let’s find out.   What is Amazon Lead Generation? Amazon, the world famous technology company focusing on artificial

18 01, 2019

The Top 5 Ecommerce News Stories of the Week


Welcome to FeedbackExpress’ weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon Prime membership exceeds 100 million: Tonya Garcia at MarketWatch reports that Amazon Prime has reached 101 million members, according to estimates by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The group says 62% of Amazon's U.S. customers are members of the Prime program. Members spend an average of $1,400 annually versus $600 per year for non-members. Continue reading... Amazon is inviting sellers to private meetings at CES to promote a premium support service that costs up to $60,000 a year: Eugene Kim at CNBC reports that Amazon is busy meeting sellers to promote a new support service that costs between $30,000 and $60,000 a year. The meetings are part of Amazon's effort to engage directly with its third-party sellers and help improve their overall selling experience on its site. Continue reading... Amazon alert tells you when there’s a burglar lurking outside your door: Mark Blunden at The Evening Standard reports that the Amazon Ring system allows CCTV and motion sensors to learn about unusual situations outside the home, so it can tell

17 01, 2019

What is Amazon’s A10 Algorithm?


Getting your products on Amazon might be the best step to take your business to the next level. With around 50% of shoppers turning to Amazon when searching for a product to buy, the world’s largest ecommerce platform is responsible for more than 40% of online sales. This, however, makes Amazon a huge market for competition, especially for small businesses or stay-at-home moms trying to make a living. Moreover, the continuous updates to the criteria by which products are ranked make it even more complicated.   Amazon's A9 Algorithm At first look it may seem that the Amazon SEO is similar to Google or Yahoo search engines. However, one must understand that Amazon is a buying platform, making it different and more diversified in some ways. The main objective of the Amazon Algorithm is to help consumers in product search. The algorithm as such ranks different companies and their product on the site, providing the most relevant results to the consumer. Which in turn, tells us that algorithm is the prime key to determine which sellers would be displayed to the customers on the product

14 01, 2019

5 Things to Consider Before Launching a Product on Amazon Australia


Guest post by Callum Mundine from OneEgg Amazon is a huge marketplace that has changed the way companies sell and connect with customers. With Amazon penetrating the Australian market, the business community raised the alarm that brick and mortar stores will suffer. However, that does not seem to be the case. With Amazon Australia turning one year, it is clear that there is no reason to worry. Although the Australian economy is the 12th largest in the world, not many people choose to buy online. In fact, Amazon sales have shown to amount to only a small portion of the overall sales of various brands. Moreover, according to Reuters customers are much more likely to look for an online store of their preferred brick and mortar businesses, than they are to turn to Amazon for help. But what does this mean for your business? Should you launch a new product on Amazon and try to benefit from being among the first to enter, or should you wait to see how the marketplace develops further? Let's look at five areas to help you decide what's the best

11 01, 2019

The Top 5 Ecommerce News Stories of the Week


Welcome to FeedbackExpress’ weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie to divorce: Reuters via The Guardian reports that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie Bezos have decided to divorce after a long trial separation, Bezos said on Wednesday in a joint statement by the couple on Twitter. Amazon again became Wall Street’s most valuable company this week, surpassing Microsoft. Bezos’s fortune has soared to more than $160bn, thanks to his stake in Amazon. Continue reading... CES 2019 - Amazon and Google Assistant carve up tech expo: Chris Baraniuk and Leo Kelion at BBC News reports that at CES, there's no shortage of gadgets to talk to. Smart TVs, cars, pianos - and even a toilet - these are just some examples of devices that come with voice-activated helpers. No matter who makes the hardware, the virtual aide linked to or packaged inside is likely to be one of two: either Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant. Continue reading... Amazon confirms it pays UK business rates of only £63.4m: Sarah Butler at