Amazon FBA Seller Calendar 2020

Amazon seller calendar

As an Amazon seller, you’re looking for any edge you can get over your competitors. Well, FeedbackExpress has got that edge for you, and we’ll be looking at some of the biggest changes you can make to help boost your sales.

Gear Up for the Biggest Selling Days of the Year

While you should focus on being an amazing merchant for the entire year, there are a few times where you should really step up your game. Four in particular, actually:

  • Prime Day: Amazon won’t announce the date until July but based on previous years, we expect Amazon Prime Day to fall around mid-July. Buyers who are signed up with Amazon Prime get access to this one-day sale where they can take advantage of thousands of limited deals. If users aren’t sure if they want to commit, Amazon offers a one-month free trial. With Prime, they can access one-day delivery, Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and earlier access to deals on Prime Day. As the seller, you can look forward to being part of 60% higher sales with plenty of interested buyers looking to take part.
  • Black Friday: With the shift to online shopping getting stronger every year, buyers no longer want to wait hours in line for an in-store deal when they could spend the day sleeping in and shopping in pyjamas from the comfort of their own bed. With Amazon merchants not having to worry about the same kind of overhead as their offline merchants, they can offer the same kind of deals — and in many cases, better — making it a win-win for buyers and sellers alike.
  • Cyber Monday: While not as big of a shopping day as Black Friday, Cyber Monday is still a behemoth in its own right. Amazon features tens of thousands of deals across all categories, with some of the strongest sellers found in Toys, Electronics, Video Games, and Books. CNN reported that in 2019, Cyber Monday was the biggest sales day ever for small businesses and entrepreneurs selling items on the platform. Customers ordered almost 140 million products from small businesses globally in the five-day period following Thanksgiving.
  • Back-to-School Season: Before the start of September each year, there are millions of cash-strapped college students looking to score a deal or two on textbooks, school supplies, clothes and various Prime services. And if you’re not marketing to them, you’re missing out on potentially vastly increased sales. It almost doesn’t matter what you’re selling, as long as you put a student twist on it.

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Organise Your Selling According to Months

The time you’re not spending on both getting ready for the huge selling days and making sure everything else is in good working order, you should be spending on organising your business plan into bimonthly periods. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

  • Beginning of the year — January and February: After the holiday rush is a prime opportunity for you to assess your performance, clean up any messy bits, and get charged up for moving unsold stock. Regarding the last point especially, you’ll want to take careful note of what’s been sitting around a while and make a concerted effort to sell it as Amazon charges long-term storage fees and you’ll want to avoid those if you can.
  • March and April: March is a bit of a lull month apart from Mother’s Day in the UK (22March) and St Patrick’s Day (17 March) but April contains Easter (12 April) and you can spend March getting ready for it. By starting your selling and advertising plan early, you can take advantage of the Easter rush and leave nothing to chance.
  • May and June: May has Mother’s Day in the US (10 May) and June has Father’s Day, with Prime Day following in July. This should be a very busy, but focused, time for you as you prepare for all three.

Attend Relevant Amazon Seller Events

You might be selling in a bubble; while that could work, it’s a far better strategy to get out there and mingle with your fellow Amazon experts. Going to select conferences and events exposes you to industry news you might be missing out on, as well as the chance to make key contacts you can leverage for further growth. A couple that we like are:

  • Internet Retailing Expo (Apr 1-2, 2020): Go back over the other side of the pond to Birmingham, UK for this two-day event where you’ll go through a whirlwind of speakers and topics. It’s a mix of free conferences and paid workshops, so look up the ones that would really work for you. Find out more…
  • Internet Retailing Conference + Exhibition (Oct 8, 2020): Okay, time to go back west over the Atlantic to London, UK! This time, it’s for the world’s largest ecommerce event. You can expect hundreds of exhibitors, about a third of that number in speakers, and about 10,000 attendees. The numbers are way up there, and you can expect to find information and vendors in just about any ecommerce category you can think of. Find out more…

Get Positive Amazon Feedback All Year Round!

We’ve just thrown a lot of information at you! But one thing you never have to think too hard about is using FeedbackExpress to handle the post-selling process. It’s about as simple and efficient as you can imagine, and we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: the first 14 days are absolutely free when you register now.

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