Expert Tips for Maintaining a 100% Amazon Feedback Rating

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Maintaining a 100% feedback rating on Amazon is no mean feat. In fact, it is one of the biggest challenges sellers on the marketplace face, but, also one of the most important. A perfect seller rating encourages customers to buy from you and boosts your chances of winning the elusive Buy Box.

1. Accurate product descriptions

Descriptions which are accurate and contain helpful information such as material, size and function, help sales. You don’t want descriptions that don’t offer much detail, but at the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm a buyer with information that doesn’t add value.

2. Use high-quality photos

Ensure your listings include photos from different angles. Clear, accurate photos and help to manage customer expectations and prevent negative feedback on your account.

3. Ship the right product on time

Depending on the product you’re selling, you want to ensure that all the particular parts are there. And, if someone’s ordered a black, medium t-shirt, double check the brand/colour/size match the order details.

Finally, use appropriate packaging.

4. Have a plan for negative feedback

ALL sellers should have an effective plan for negative feedback.

Mistakes can happen in any business, no one on Amazon is immune to negative feedback. When the moment arrives, make sure you have a solid game plan.

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5. Use automated Amazon feedback software

Sellers using FeedbackExpress will experience an increase in positive feedback and be better able to prevent negative feedback from occurring.

The software will email customers to let them know that their order will be delivered that day. It will then ask them if they are happy with the order, and if so, would they mind leaving some feedback as customer service is very important to you.

Sellers can also ask if they are unhappy with the order for whatever reason, to get in touch BEFORE leaving feedback allowing you an opportunity to resolve any issues.

One of the main advantages of using automated Amazon feedback software is the ability to set up free email/SMS alerts when you receive negative or neutral feedback on your account. This allows you to act quickly and in many cases have it removed before it affects your metrics or sales.

How does FBA seller Stephen Smotherman maintain a 100% rating?

  1. When choosing the condition of a product, round down, not up.
  2. Think twice about selling an item in acceptable condition.
  3. When you get an unfair negative feedback on Amazon (and you will), act quickly.
  4. When you get a legitimate negative feedback (and you will), act quickly, apologetically, and generously.
  5. Use automated Amazon feedback software.

How does FBA seller Ryan Grant maintain a great feedback rating?

Having a high feedback rating, gives customers confidence they will have a good buying experience. The problem is that only 2% of buyers leave feedback so you want to ensure the feedback you do receive is positive.

One FeedbackExpress customer increased his feedback engagement to an impressive 14%!

Ryan’s first tip is an obvious one—provide great customer service. Nail the basics including listing with correct product condition and include condition notes if required. Make sure new products are exactly that, new. If it’s not in pristine condition, then it’s not new.

Tip two, if you receive feedback on your account that violates Amazon feedback policy, be sure to request to have it removed. If you use FBA, and receive negative feedback related to fulfilments or customer service, Amazon will strike through this and it won’t count against your metrics.

Neutral feedback can harm your seller rating so treat this as you would negative feedback. Feedback can be removed if it contains obscene language, personal information or is a product review.

To get Amazon to remove this type of feedback, contact seller support and appeal against this feedback stating the reason as “Product Feedback – This entire feedback is a product review.” Keep your message concise and to the point. Amazon will make the wait/sweat for 24 hours before deciding if they will remove it.

Tip three, work with buyers to remove bad feedback. Many sellers don’t bother finding out why customers had a bad experience or if there is anything they could have done better with this transaction. Ryan’s final piece of advice is to be proactive with regards to your feedback rating and do what you can to keep it as high as possible.

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