Why Do Sellers Use Amazon Feedback Software?

Reasons to use Amazon feedback software

There are many different reasons that sellers choose to turn to FeedbackExpress, Amazon feedback software. We covered nine reasons in this recent blog but decided to go straight to the horse’s mouth and collate the top reasons our customers gave when signing up for their free 14 day trial.

You may be able to resonate with some of these. So, without further ado, ten reasons sellers use Amazon feedback software.

#1. You offer a free 14 day trial, no credit card required and no commissions.

“Free 14 day trial and unlike some of your competitors, you don’t require payment or credit cards in advance.”

#2. Easy set-up process. Easy integration.

“I want to say your registration and set up process is excellent…one of the best I have seen. It makes for a very easy integration.”

#3. Recommended by a friend/on Amazon forums. Competitive price.

“A friend uses your software and recommended it to me.”

Competitive price and recommended by friend.”

“As a new seller I need feedbacks and this was recommended on Amazon Forums.”

#4. Get more positive seller feedback.

“I want software to help boost feedback on product, help with rankings in searches and drive more positive feedback on my seller profile.”

“I want to increase my seller feedback to get more Buy Box.”

#5. Get more 5 star reviews.

“Looking to increase metrics score. We do give good customer service but often forget to follow up. Hope your service will assist us in this way.”

“To get more 5-star customer reviews, and to use these and other customer feedback to optimize products.”

#6. Improve my feedback ratio.

“I signed up because I really need help increasing my feedback ratio.”

“We receive very few feedback ratings as a % of our total orders on Amazon and we were interested in trying to increase the total number of ratings.”

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#7. Get more product reviews.

“I would like to gather the all important product reviews in order to get the items selling. As you know, this is very important for a new product which initially has no reviews, and is really the only way to get the ball rolling.”

“We are a small Amazon business and want to increase our number of product reviews. I saw your offer on my Seller Central page and thought it was worth a try.”

#8. Phone alerts when l receive negative feedback.

“We currently use Feedback Five, but liked the idea of having feedback alerts to our mobile phones.”

“The email/SMS alerts for negative feedback are a great feature.”

“I signed up because I realise how important good feedback is but it appears that the majority of Amazon buyers only leave negative feedback and can’t be bothered to leave positive feedback.”

#9. Happy with RepricerExpress – Amazon repricing.

“I use RepricerExpress and am happy with the service. Customer feedback is much less frequent than it was years ago, so if your product helps achieve more feedback it will be a worthwhile investment.”

“We are seeing increased sales with RepricerExpress and we hope to see further improvements using FeedbackExpress.”

#10. Gain an advantage over competitors.

“To provide excellent customer service and gain an advantage over competitors with more reviews.”

“I want to make my Amazon business successful and being on top of negative feedback is probably the biggest key to that.”

So there, you have it. Ten great reasons that sellers try our Amazon feedback software.

Need another reason to sign up for a FREE 14 day trial. Use promo code “FEX10” and you’ll receive 10% off your first month’s bill if you decide to continue with our service.

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