10 Benefits of Using an Amazon Prep Service

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Guest post by Kev Blackburn, Life Success Engineer

Whether you’re just about to start out, are still pretty new to the game, or you’ve been doing Amazon FBA on your own for a while, using an Amazon FBA prep service will definitely make running your Amazon FBA business so much easier.

I’m Kev Blackburn, and in 2015 I decided it was time to change my life and create a future of freedom and financial abundance for my small family. Starting out on Amazon while I still had my full-time electrical engineering job and my partner Kylie was on maternity leave with our baby daughter, we have since grown our operations to so much more than I could ever even have imagined at the beginning!

From working from our living room floor and dining table to now running our own Amazon FBA prep service in three different locations and building our brand Life Success Engineer – which supplies you with all the tools and information you need to build an incredible life for yourself too – life has never been as good as it is today.

We all have a duty to pay it forward, and in this post today I’m sharing ten top reasons why using an Amazon FBA prep service can bring you much closer to the life that you dream of, much quicker than you probably thought possible! Let’s go 🙌

1. Time

Time is a precious, precious commodity – and I would argue, even more so when you’re building and running your own business.

Usually, when you’re starting out, you’ll have many other commitments that take up a lot of time: whether you have a full-time job; a family of your own; study commitments or anything else, fitting in everything that you need to do to get your Amazon business going, can be a real struggle.

From admin, purchasing and sourcing, to receiving deliveries, checking them, prepping them and getting them out of the door again, there’s so much that you need to do that takes up a whole lot of time – time that you could most certainly use elsewhere.

Using an Amazon FBA prep service saves you loads of it by taking most of this massive workload off your hands.

2. Space

I don’t know about you, but at the beginning of our journey, our home was our warehouse. And with a small baby and an 8-year-old running all over the show, you could say that space was limited – and that’s putting it lightly!

Our living room was stacked high with boxes, our dining table was our admin station, packages lined the stairs… in short, using an Amazon FBA prep service gives you your home back!

Not only will you have space to live and breathe again, but personally I’ve found that a clear, tidy home makes for a clear, tidy mind, too – making the running of your business much more efficient, and also helping you to separate between work life and home life again

3. Speed

The speed at which you get your products delivered and then back out the door again and on their way to Amazon really makes a significant difference in your business.

How fast are you able to do this? Is it the same day? Do you have to juggle this important step in your process with other things?

An Amazon FBA prep service takes this stress away from you. With specialised warehouses and streamlined processes, in our business, Amazon FBA Prep UK, we are able to shave so much time off the whole process of getting your products into Amazon – which in turn has a massive, positive impact on your business.

4. Management of People

Prep can easily become overwhelming, which is why the idea of an extra pair of hands may sound really appealing. However, to employ someone under your business means that you’ll also be taking on a whole load of extra work for yourself too.

Outsourcing your Amazon prep to an external prep service business means that you won’t need to worry about anything like HR issues, payroll, holidays and managing employees. It’s so much less stress and so much easier!

5. Management of Systems

Streamlining your processes is vital when it comes to getting your products out in a timely and efficient manner. However, in order to do this, you need to be able to dedicate some time, energy and a whole lot of patience – which many of us don’t have going spare.

Working with a prep service means that you don’t have to worry about developing any systems or processes, as it’s all taken care of for you. This leaves you with that extra time and energy to spend on building your businesses, instead.

6. Management of Materials

If you’ve ever purchased, prepped, packaged and posted a product to Amazon, you’ll know just how many different materials go into making sure that this is all done correctly. Now imagine doing this at scale.

Boxes, labels, bags, bubble wrap, printers, ink… if even just one of these materials is missing, your business could be impacted significantly.

Again, using a prep service means that you don’t have to worry about any of this!

7. Simplification

Imagine if you could simplify your Amazon FBA business to the point where the biggest thing you needed to take care of was just sourcing and purchasing products?

Using an Amazon FBA prep service simplifies your daily running of the business so much, taking the prep, packaging and shipping completely off your hands.

FBA Prep Service UK actually offers even more than this too – but I’ll tell you about that a little later on. Keep reading!😉

8. Strategy

Having a strategy, knowing the road ahead and understanding where you’re going is imperative if you’re looking to grow and scale your Amazon FBA business.

At FBA Prep Service UK, we’ve introduced a step-by-step programme into the memberships, providing guidance and support to all our prep partners.

9. Sourcing

I’m super excited to tell you that you can now hand over pretty much all major aspects of your Amazon FBA business to our prep service centre including sourcing products to sell on Amazon 🙌🏼

Our Platinum membership packages come complete with regular sourcing lists, which we create using our expert experience.

So we provide the products meanin9g that the more you have, the more you’ll be able to purchase; then, we have more products to ship on your behalf; the more we ship, the more you sell and therefore, the more money you make! What an absolutely win-win situation!

10. Money

Finally, and probably most importantly, using an Amazon FBA prep service results in more money in your back pocket!

When you know that so much is being taken care of professionally and efficiently in your Amazon FBA business, it frees you up to spend more time expanding your businesses further or starting new ones.

The possibilities are endless and the best thing is, you’ll be making more money to enable you to live the lifestyle that you dream of!

If you’re in the business of online selling, I truthfully cannot think of any reason NOT to use a prep service centre.

Final Thoughts

In our own prep service business, FBA Prep Service UK, we help you with all of the above and even more. We now operate from three different locations across the UK, offering a highly professional and streamlined service to all of our members – who we refer to as our prep or growth partners, because we truly believe that partnerships are the way to grow.

We also offer different membership packages to suit different needs and our team is always at hand to help you, guide you and answer any questions you might have.

So if after reading all of this you are considering making one of your best business decisions and enlisting the help of a prep service, please visit FBA Prep Service UK to find out more about us, what we can do for you and how you can sign up.

Here’s to your massive success,

Kev 😎

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