How Amazon Advertising Works [Infographic]

Amazon Advertising

Everyone wants to get ahead on Amazon, and no surprise. It’s the place to sell your wares, with 206 million monthly shoppers visiting it worldwide, but how do you make sure your products are what show up when they are searching? With plenty of competition for pretty much every type of product imaginable, you need to spend to bring in the sales, and that means using Amazon’s advertising wisely.

But what if you’ve never used digital advertising before and don’t know where to start? The good news is that there are a few simple tips to help you on your way, with the first step being working out what kind of advert you want to try using. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads will get your items showing up in a prominent location on the relevant search result pages, while you can also set up a Store to showcase your products and promotions and point your Display ads to it.

Amazon’s ads can help you boost your sales massively if you know how to use them, and these tips will show you the right way to get there, so why not try out your first campaign?

Check out this awesome Amazon Advertising infographic courtesy of Business Financing.

Amazon Advertising


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