A Sellers Guide to Amazon OTT Advertising

Amazon OTT Advertising

Amazon OTT Advertising is a form of advertising where non-skippable brand ads appear on internet-streamed movies and TV shows that aren’t owned by cable providers. This gives sellers an opportunity to reach buyers through a greater number of non-traditional means, opening up the potential for even more sales than before. To help you understand Amazon OTT (over-the-top) advertising, follow along with FeedbackExpress.

How Amazon OTT Advertising Differs from Traditional Advertising

Most people grew up with seeing commercials during their TV shows and trailers and ads before movies in cinemas. But things have changed a lot since then, and Amazon’s OTT advertising is a prime example of that.

We can now watch TV shows and movies in many different ways, whether that’s with Prime video, a streaming stick, gaming consoles, individual sites and more. And just like their predecessors, these new forms of viewing aren’t free from advertising.

Brands have sat up and taken notice, seeing that the hundreds of millions of users present a valuable pool of consumers with which they can potentially influence buying behavior through OTT advertising.

For example, Prime Video is a huge source of TV show and movie viewers that brands can advertise to. All Amazon Prime members have access to Prime Video, with the option to subscribe to Prime Video Channels (e.g. HBO, Showtime, etc.) or rent/buy non-Prime Video titles at an additional cost.

And with Prime Video, a single account can stream content on up to 3 different devices simultaneously, providing that the titles are different. Unlike Netflix, you don’t have to create separate profiles for each user, only ensure that all 3 are watching different titles on their respective devices.

How to Leverage Your Brand with Amazon OTT Advertising

As a brand, there are various things to consider and take advantage of when going with OTT advertising and this is where really knowing your audience inside out will help you.

Let’s say you’re selling baby bottles. Your audience is going to be predominantly mothers, so you can learn something about this demographic’s behavior. They’re likely going to be tired, stressed and in need of distractions, so you can use OTT advertising’s genre blocking to help get your ads in front of the right eyes.

Genre blocking is where you can select up to 5 genres to exclude from where your ads appear, such as possibly omitting horror or crime from new mothers.

Audience guarantees is another way to target your ads to the more appropriate demographic. This is where you select only the audiences you want to reach using a measure-and-buy approach with numbers calculated by Nielsen. Since you only pay for the impressions that reach audiences relevant to your brand 9on a cost per thousand impressions basis, or CPM), you can be selective and targeted about where your ads appear.

Note: For now, genre blocking and audience guarantees is only available for managed-service advertising customers in the U.S.

One neat thing about OTT advertising is you don’t have to be selling on Amazon to take part in it. This is called video conquesting and allows all brands to create ads and target audiences based on users who have clicked competitors’ products.

OTT Advertising Sounds Good, But What About Users Who Block Ads?

Online users have risen up against the intrusion of ads and use a great variety of blockers to stop ads from playing on their screens. Amazon has countered that by making their ads non-skippable, so if your ad-viewers will be watching them.

Final Thoughts

Competing for users seems to keep getting more and more difficult, but Amazon’s OTT advertising presents a unique opportunity to establish your brand and increase traffic. Once you get more visitors to your page and capitalize with conversions, keep the cycle going with amassing reviews to convince future buyers.

The easiest way of doing that is with FeedbackExpress, which helps with templated professional emails that get results. Instead of doing all that work yourself, automate it and focus your efforts elsewhere. To make things even more enticing, we’ll set you up with a 14 day free trial when you sign up right now.

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