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21 11, 2018

Ecommerce Conferences 2019: The Complete List


Ecommerce conferences can be a great place to learn about the latest news and industry trends. You’ll be able to network with other ecommerce professionals and gain valuable insights into how you can improve your online business. To help you we’ve compiled a list of the best 2019 ecommerce conferences happening all over the world.   The Best Ecommerce Conferences 2019 January 2019 NRF (Retail’s Big Show) When: January 13-15 Where: New York City, United States Tagline: Impact Happens Together. Let’s collide, collaborate and create the new model of retail. Together. AI Masters When: January 24-25 Where: Berlin, Germany West Coast Ecommerce Summit When: January 30-31 Where: Los Angeles, United States Tagline: The West Coast eCommerce Summit brings together 300+ retailers and brand professionals to share their knowledge, learn and evolve their customer acquisition strategy. February 2019 Future of Retail & Ecommerce When: February 14 Where: Paris, France eTail West When: February 19-22 Where: Palm Springs, United States Tagline: Generate Leads. Develop Opportunities. Close Business. Advance and re-engage prospects beyond the event. March 2019 eTail Asia When: March 5-7 Where: Singapore eTail Germany When: March 7-8 Where: Berlin, Germany Prosper Show When: March 17-19 Where: Las Vegas, United States Tagline: Learn best practices to better

21 11, 2018

Mastering the Art of Amazon PPC


You just started off as an Amazon seller. The whole new dashboard. That amazing feeling of starting a new business (or an online branch of your old business). Aspirations. Everything feels good. But next to your excitement, stands a sea of challenges. How to make your first sale? After you’ve made your first sale, how to get a better CTR for your Amazon products? And when you’ve improved the CTR, how to optimise your Amazon PPC campaign to perform better than ever and deliver the best results? If you have questions around how Amazon PPC works and how to optimise it then check out the tips below.   PPC Advertising on Amazon: Why it is better than conventional PPC platforms? Ever since the concept of PPC was first introduced, the web has seen many advertising platforms rise and fall. The first ever PPC was included in a web directory called Planet Oasis in 1996. By the end of 1997, they managed to get 400 brands to pay between $0.05 - $0.25 for one click along with an additional ad placement fee. But is it functional

20 11, 2018

Should You Use Amazon Review Groups on Facebook?


At FeedbackExpress, we’re pretty serious about reviews. They provide social proof and are one of the top ways you can get more sales. But as serious as we are about getting Amazon reviews, it’s about going about them in a way that aligns with Amazon’s Terms of Service (ToS). You might have heard about Amazon review groups, so let’s take a look at what they are and if they're a viable option for sellers.   What an Amazon Review Group Consists Of An Amazon review group brings together sellers in need of product reviews and buyers who want free or heavily discounted products. The practice usually occurs on Facebook Groups. If it sounds a bit like incentivised reviews — a practice Amazon banned in 2016, you wouldn’t be wrong. Some sellers offer in these Facebook Groups offer a fee or free product to the buyer in exchange for a positive 5-star review, which most definitely goes against Amazon’s ToS. Shortly, after banning incentivised reviews, Amazon introduced it's "Verified Purchase" tag. Amazon will place a Verified Review tag (shown below) if they can verify that the

19 11, 2018

Amazon SEO: How to Rank Products Highly on Amazon Searches


Did you know that three times as many buyers search for products to buy on Amazon, rather than Google? We can often think of SEO as just being a Google thing... But if you sell on Amazon, it's important to be clued in on how Amazon SEO works. You'll want to adopt Amazon SEO best practices, so your products appear high up on the search engine results page (SERP). If you neglect your Amazon SEO, you're destined for less traffic and fewer sales. It's vital for all sellers to have an understanding of Amazon's search algorithm, A9.  It works differently to Google. Thankfully, there are fewer factors to consider. Amazon's algorithm is thought to consider 21 factors for product ranking whilst Google's algorithm can include as many as 200 according to Backlinko! To increase conversions and sales, you should optimise your Amazon listings for three things: Visibility Relevance Conversions Let's look at some key factors for Amazon SEO to help your product ranking on the SERP.   1. Product Title Your Amazon product title is the part of your listing that will have the most

18 11, 2018

Amazon FBA Seller Calendar 2019


As an Amazon seller, you’re looking for any edge you can get over your competitors . Well, FeedbackExpress has got that edge for you, and we’ll be looking at some of the biggest changes you can make to help boost your sales.   Gear Up for the Biggest Selling Days of the Year While you should focus on being an amazing merchant for the entire year, there are a few times where you should really step up your game. Four in particular, actually: Prime Day: Amazon won't announce the date until July but based on previous years, we expect Amazon Prime Day to fall around mid-July. Buyers who are signed up with Amazon Prime get access to this one-day sale where they can take advantage of thousands of limited deals. If users aren’t sure if they want to commit, Amazon offers a one-month free trial. With Prime, they can access one-day delivery, Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and earlier access to deals on Prime Day. As the seller, you can look forward to being part of 60% higher sales with plenty of interested

16 11, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week


Welcome to FeedbackExpress’ weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon catching up to Google, Facebook in search: Shoshanna Delventhal at Investopedia reports that US digital advertising revenue surged 23% to a record $49.5 billion in the first half of 2018, according to a report from IAB Internet Advertising Revenue. While social media pioneer Facebook and global search giant Google maintain their duopoly in the media space, their deep-pocketed tech peer Amazon has been seen as a major competitive threat. Continue reading… New York City to Amazon: drop dead: Erin Durkin at The Guardian reports that politicians and advocates gathered in Queens on Wednesday to denounce a multibillion-dollar plan to bring a new Amazon headquarters to New York. Rallying across the street from the Long Island City site where Amazon’s new campus is set to rise, opponents called the plan – which will give Amazon nearly $3bn in tax breaks and subsidies from state and city – a ripoff to taxpayers that will stress the neighborhood’s infrastructure while doing little to help local residents. Continue reading… Amazon encourages

14 11, 2018

Best Practices for Amazon Automatic Feedback Requests in 2019


It’s almost 2019, which means that it could be time to hop on the automation bandwagon, especially when it comes to Amazon feedback requests. Reviews are a crucial factor for your sales on Amazon and automating that process will help in other areas. Follow these best practices for Amazon automatic feedback requests to save time, boost your seller feedback rating and get 2019 off to a flyer.   Hook Up with an Automated Feedback App The first step in automating feedback requests is to have an app like FeedbackExpress do it for you. While you could rely on Amazon to send out occasional messages on your behalf, you’d be losing out because you wouldn’t be able to control the time, consistency or tone of the emails. Instead, a feedback-specific app is much better because it’ll send out emails when you tell it to, give you templates to use that are consistent in voice and professionalism, send you alerts when you’ve received negative reviews, and more.   Timing is Everything Now that you’ve settled on an automated Amazon feedback app, your next move is figuring out

12 11, 2018

How to Drive Traffic to Amazon with Social Media


If you think regular SEO practices are enough to drive traffic to your Amazon page, think again. Competition is fiercer than ever and boosting your numbers requires thinking outside the box and using every tool at your disposal. In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can use social media to drive traffic to Amazon.   Don’t Forget About the Foundations Just because you’ve got to look at new ways to drive traffic doesn’t mean you should forget about the basics. Remember to still make the following a fundamental part of your strategy. Keyword Research: High-ranking keywords change regularly, so remember to consistently research which ones have the best hits. And then use them strategically in titles, bullets, descriptions, and more. Photos: Whether you have a fancy Mark IV or regular smartphone, take high-quality photos that show your products from different angles, use a neutral backdrop, and shoot in natural light. Incorporating videos can also help you get ahead. Amazon Ads: Amazon has a number of ways you can use ads to increase your visibility, like Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, and Display

9 11, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Ecommerce This Week


Welcome to FeedbackExpress’ weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon offers free shipping on all orders for the holidays: Nathaniel Meyersohn at CNN Business reports that for the first time, Amazon is offering free shipping on all US holiday orders in an effort to add new Prime members and juice the season's sales numbers. Last year, Amazon shoppers without Prime memberships had to spend at least $25 to earn free shipping, but Amazon is waiving the purchase minimum starting Monday to give "customers even more convenient and faster delivery options," the company announced. Continue reading... Amazon is now reportedly going to split its HQ2 into 2 locations after more than a year of intense speculation: Sean Wolfe at Business Insider UK reports that it has been 14 months since Amazon declared its intention to build a second headquarters. The company's year-long selection process had a decidedly sweepstakes-like feel to it. Amazon laid out its expectations for what it wanted in a second hometown and promised a bonanza of 50,000 jobs and a $5 billion investment to whichever

8 11, 2018

Free eBook: How to Get More Amazon Product Reviews Legally!


Whether you’re starting out or a veteran Amazon seller, this ebook will provide you with valuable advice from industry experts. Why product reviews are so important to your Amazon success One thing you should never do! When to ask for a review Free templates The perfect way to ask for a review How to avoid getting negative reviews How to deal with negative reviews How to get up and running today