It’s one of our favourite topics here at FeedbackExpress — how to boost your Amazon sales rank so you can get better visibility in searches and flip that into more sales. Seriously, we get pretty giggity over it, so here are five ways you can catch our enthusiasm.

1. Sign Up With FBA

This is probably the easiest and fastest way you can immediately boost your sales rank, as Amazon gives preferential visibility to sellers who use it. It’s a peace-of-mind way of them ensuring sellers abide by their high standards of delivering excellent customer service, so they “reward” you with better search ranking in return.

Plus, more and more buyers are filtering their searches for Prime products because they want the guarantee of a quick delivery. Getting yourself included on that list means using FBA.

2. Optimise Product Listings

No matter which other tips you use, this one should be underlying every single product listing you ever create. Having FBA might filter you into more searches, but the visibility stops there if your listings aren’t optimised.

It might seem finicky at first, but do it enough times and it’ll be second nature. Take a closer looking at the following:

  • A well-structured, descriptive title that uses the most out of the 250-character count, e.g. product brand + collection + material + colour/size + quantity.
  • Hi-res images (minimum 1000x500px) on a white or neutral background where the product takes up at least 85% of the area (for non-lifestyle images).
  • Bullet points. You get 5 lines of up to 100 characters each, so a good way of doing it is “Feature: feature description”.
  • Well-written, typo-free description that goes into more detail about the product and uses more of your well-researched keywords.

3. Be Aggressive With Your Pricing

Aggressive does not mean a race to the bottom, as that’ll harm you far more than it’ll hurt you. It’ll reduce your profit margin to almost nothing, fail to secure you with a solid customer base, and create an association of cheapness with you and your products.

Instead, focus on being smart, competitive and aggressive. Look at what your competitors’ prices are, and avoiding being at the extreme end of either spectrum. Going too high means pricing yourself out of a sale, while going too low (especially without a ton of reviews to back up your credibility) means potentially engaging in a race to the bottom.

Instead, look at the highest and lowest prices and aim to stay within 5-10% of those points. But only do this if your overall profit margin allows, otherwise adjust accordingly.

Your best bet? Use an automated repricer to handle things for you.

4. Fill Your Page With Customer Reviews

One of the best long-term strategies for building a good customer base and a high volume of sales is to have a great reputation online. And to do that, you need others vouching for your quality and credibility, aka reviews.

It’s one of the top things buyers look at when making a purchasing decision, and the more positive ones you have, the stronger you build your case.

I recently upgraded the stereo in my car to a touch screen. I knew almost nothing about them going into it, so I relied very heavily on reviews. When I finally made my decision, I went with a flip-up touch screen stereo that had a 4.5-star rating from dozens of sellers. I knew that the odds were really high I was going to get something that worked and worked well.

Getting reviews can be tough, so using an automated feedback service helps a ton.

5. Run a Sponsored Products PPC Campaign

I’ll admit, when I first started seeing Sponsored Products while shopping for things on Amazon, I passed right over them. It was instinctive to me to skip over anything that had even a shade of advertising on it, but I’ve since changed my mind.

One of the biggest influencing factors in my change of thought was how well the products were presented. They were highly ranked, visible, contained good star ratings, had competitive prices, well-written titles and descriptions, and simple to purchase. And I haven’t had a single negative experience from any Sponsored Products purchase.

If you’re just getting started with this PPC campaign, go the automatic route until you figure things out enough to switch to manual. That way, you can assess the keywords data and really configure things to your own liking.

Final Thoughts

Boosting your Amazon sales rank consists of picking off low-hanging fruit (e.g. product listing optimisation, using FBA, aggressive pricing) and committing to a thorough plan (e.g. gathering feedback, running PPC campaigns). While gathering feedback falls under the longer-term approaches, FeedbackExpress is there to help you every step of the way and take the load off your shoulders. To make things even better for you, you’ll get a free 30-day trial when you sign up right now.

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