Our Amazon feedback software is used by many different types of sellers on Amazon. This post is an interview with Brandon Kail from Rocky Mountain Bio-Ag whose product line includes diverse organic products such as soil, fertilisers, weed killer and pesticides.


Selling on Amazon

FeedbackExpress: When and why did you start selling on Amazon?

Brandon: We started selling on Amazon at the end of April in 2015 and made our first sale early May. We started selling on Amazon so we could reach a nationwide audience via the Amazon platform. We have been in business since 2008 servicing commercial accounts etc. We also have our own webstore but it was beginning to get tough competing with Amazon and their Prime memberships.

We decided that it would only build our company stronger to have an Amazon store as well as what we currently operate.

FeedbackExpress: What type of product(s) do you sell?

Brandon: We sell gardening supplies, organic amendments, organic bug sprays, organic herbicide. We are a biological-based business that focuses on building soil health which allows plants to perform to their fullest genetic potential.

Rocky Mountain

FeedbackExpress: Do you use FBA? If so, why?

Brandon: Yes, we do use FBA so we can have our offerings in warehouses across the United States and so we can capitalise on Amazon’s Prime members and offer quick 2-day delivery. Also, we like the FBA model because it gives us the flexibility to make sales even when we are not at our offices. And Amazon provides customer service on our behalf for FBA items.

FeedbackExpress: Do you also sell on other marketplaces or your own website?

Brandon: Yes, we have our own website that we also link to our Amazon store. No other platforms at this time. We have researched Walmart, Target and eBay and may pursue those avenues in 2019.

Rocky Mountain BioAg


Results when using FeedbackExpress

FeedbackExpress: When and why did you start using FeedbackExpress?

Brandon: We wanted to gain more reviews mostly for our company so it would help with our Amazon metrics and Buy Box potential.

We saw an ad for FeedbackExpress on Amazon Seller Central and tried your no obligation 30-day trial.

FeedbackExpress: Was it easy to get set up?

Brandon: Very easy, it did take me approximately an hour from start to finish including launching my first campaign and editing the campaign template.

FeedbackExpress: With your own particular range of products on Amazon, do you request both seller feedback and product reviews? Do you see one as more important to your Amazon sales than the other?

Brandon: I started the trial off with just seller feedback for our company. We ran the entire trial period just using that campaign. As our goal and focus was to get more seller feedback reviews for our company. As soon as we became a paying FeedbackExpress customer, I also set up a product review campaign which is currently running in conjunction with our seller feedback campaign.

Since we do not have private label products or products that are our own brand, seller feedback is more important to us at the moment. However, that being said, positive product reviews are a HUGE contributing factor when a buyer makes the decision to hit the BUY button and make the purchase. Newly launched products need reviews so if you can get reviews for the newly launched products that is when the product reviews come into play.

We will be soon launching a brand called CropHut, they are currently on Amazon now under our Rocky Mountain BioAg but we are in the final stages of setting up the website and launching the product, looking for dealers etc. We will definitely need product reviews for this item to sell well in the spring.

FeedbackExpress: How much feedback were you averaging whilst using our service?

Brandon: Well, some hard numbers here, during our trial period we received 10 new seller feedback reviews. So that is basically like 2.5 reviews per week.

Positive feedback



Results when stopping FeedbackExpress

FeedbackExpress: When and why did you decide to cancel your subscription?

Brandon: I never cancelled my subscription, I allowed the 30-day trial to lapse to see the true impact your service was having on our seller feedback reviews. As soon as the trial ended the reviews stopped coming in. 

FeedbackExpress: How many feedbacks/reviews were you averaging after stopping our service?

Brandon: ZERO,

We did not get a single review once we stopped using FeedbackExpress.

Brandon stopped using FeedbackExpress on November 30th.

Zero feedback

And started using FeedbackExpress again on December 11th.


FeedbackExpress: What feature(s) did you miss the most after ending your subscription to FeedbackExpress?

Brandon: The simplest answer, having an automated system generate emails and ask for a review from our customers!

FeedbackExpress: When and why did you decide to come back to FeedbackExpress?

Brandon: We needed the seller feedback reviews to continue to come in.

FeedbackExpress: Have you anything else to add that you feel would be important to an Amazon seller considering leaving FeedbackExpress?

Brandon: I do not know what reviews are worth in a monetary amount but for me basically paying $2 per review over 30 days is a very minimal business building expense which only strengthens our company and the validity of how we conduct business.

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