7 Great Reasons Why You Need Amazon Feedback Software

Amazon Feedback Software

Ever wonder why FeedbackExpress has all the buzz surrounding it that it does? It’s because we’re the best at doing all the little things that help you get better visibility as a top Amazon seller. But if you’re wondering what those little things are, then we’ve got six reasons why you need to start using Amazon feedback software right away.

1. You Can Increase the Number of Reviews You Get

On Amazon, reviews are the top way you can get more sales, next to having a Buy Box. Buyers want to know they’re dealing with a trusted seller and quality products, and reading previous consumers’ reviews that says so inspires them to also make that choice.

But if you have too few reviews, how are buyers going to trust you? And with so much on your plate already, why spend more time on asking for feedback when software can do it for you?

2. You Can Reduce the Amount of Negative Feedback You Have

There are two ways to view negative feedback: the first is as a tool to improve yourself, and the second is something that doesn’t need to be permanent. The former is pretty self-explanatory as buyers are telling you what you need to improve for the next time, but the latter can escape your attention and indeed stay there.

With only 60 days in which to get it removed, tending to other matters can make the clock tick faster than you’d like. However, Amazon feedback software can alert you to negative feedback right away— and even take care of all the details with just a few clicks on your end!

3. You Can Keep Track of Everything in One Central Location

Remember ‘those’ kids in school, the ones who had their binders clearly labelled for every class? Those are the kids who are the antithesis of feedback software. While they had a separate location for every class and topic, you’re doing the opposite by taking care of all the details of selling on Amazon in one place. You’ll be using one software that handles everything feedback-related, instead of keeping multiple tabs open on your computer. And with alerts sent to your phone, you never have to worry about missing out on anything important.

4. You Can Track Product Reviews

If product reviews are important to you (i.e. you’re a private label seller) then you can track these automatically using FeedbackExpress. We give everyone three free SKUs and if you want to track more it’s really easy to do. You’ll also be able to set up alerts when customers leave negative product reviews. Learn more about this feature.

5. You Can Uphold Your High Seller Rating

Having a good, no, great, seller rating on Amazon is key to increasing your sales. Not only do you need a good seller rating to just stay online, but you need a good seller rating to increase confidence in your buyers. Otherwise, why would they risk purchasing something from you when Joe Blow has a better reputation than you do?

6. You Can Up Your Chances of Winning a Buy Box

If you don’t have a Buy Box on your Amazon site, then repeat after us: ‘It’s only a matter of time before I get a Buy Box.’ Although the algorithm used to attain a Buy Box is shrouded in secrecy, one of the top ways you can go after it is through an awesome seller rating and plenty of good reviews.

These are two of the main methods Amazon uses to judge which sellers are most deserving, and it’s far easier to achieve both by rolling out your brand in the same consistently high manner each time. More than 82% of Amazon sales are completed via the Buy Box, so why leave yourself in the huge minority of trying to get one without?

7. You Can Decrease the Number of Mistakes You Make

Selling on Amazon is a mix of a science and an art. The first part lends itself to minimising mistakes, as you get to work in a mainly black-and-white manner (think: the process of getting negative feedback removed, making sure you’re listing to the right categories, etc.)

But the second part, you’re relying on your instinct and experience and that’s where the stakes are higher. While you’re focusing on perfecting your craft, a stellar feedback software can take care of the science-y aspects, making sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot with silly mistakes.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not using Amazon feedback software yet, we get it — it’s hard to switch different ways of doing things. But we’re so sure you’re going to love FeedbackExpress and the results you can get with us, everything else will be a distant memory. But if you’re still debating the merits of making the switch, then start off by just dipping a toe in the water: test-drive us to get a feel for it by using it totally free for the first 14 days when you sign up now.

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