11 Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Emails

Ecommerce Customer Emails

There is no one email that will rule them all cover all your bases. If you’re looking on how to jazz up your ecommerce customer emails, FeedbackExpress has 11 tips you can use to help ensure they get read and listened to.


1. Personalise the Address in the Reply-To Email

If you got an email that read ‘info@somecompany.com’, you’d probably ignore it, right? It has ‘spammy’ written all over it. But what if you got an email that read ‘lisa@somecompany.com’? You’d probably be curious and take a look. That’s because personalising the reply-to address helps buyers see you as a real person instead of a generic email service spamming their inbox.


2. Learn the Art of an Abandoned Cart Email

An abandoned cart item is just a sale that needs a little more time and finessing to make happen, and emails for these result in some pretty nifty conversion rates. Craft a short but sweet message that convinces the buyer to complete the purchase, such as offering free shipping or a discount on the item they were/are interested in.


3. Send a Product Follow-Up Email

Just because the buyer purchased something doesn’t mean the process is done. If they bought a book, email them to suggest other titles by the same author. Whatever they bought, think of similar products they could use as well.


4. Send a Category Follow-Up Email

You can broaden things a bit and send an email that suggests similar categories that could contain items that would interest them. For example, Beauty could be paired with Health & Personal Care, Handmade could be paired with Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, and Luggage & Bags could be paired with Clothing & Accessories.


5. Tell Buyers About Promotions

I could probably speak for you when I say missing out on an awesome deal for an item you really want sucks pretty bad. Nobody wants to pay full price when they could get the same thing at a discounted one. Typically, a discounted price is the best way to get buyers to purchase something, but you can also speak to emotions by saying they better get a specific product before it sells out or they should be the first ones to have a special something.


6. Don’t Forget About Your Longstanding Loyal Customers

Buyers nowadays have incredible choosing power over where and what they buy. Reward the ones who have shopped with you before by sending an email with something just for them. You can massage the content to figure around missing their presence, special deals for life events (e.g. birthdays), or a reminder to stock up on a re-order product (e.g. pet food, light bulbs, snacks, etc.).


7. Write a Witty Opening Line

No matter which type of email you’re sending, having a great opening line vastly improves the quality of your ecommerce customer email — and also gives them a reason to read it. Some of the biggest changes you can make are personalising the email, saying thank you, and adding in a couple emojis (but not too many!).


8. Jazz Up the Content

No email should contain just words. They’re great for SEO, but run the risk of becoming boring and lost in the noise. The travel booking site Hipmunk is a great example of how to do things right. After you’ve plugged in the dates and destination for your trip, a chipmunk wearing aviator goggles on its head bobs from side to side while the results are loading. It’s so cute and fun, you almost don’t mind waiting for the numbers to appear.


9. Segment Your Email List

Different people deserve differently-written emails. You should not be writing the same message for a first-time buyer as you would with a repeat visitor or the same for a middle-aged man as for a teenage girl. Analyse your past data and make the content fit the person.


10. Incentivise Reviews (If It’s Allowed)

Some sites, like Amazon, explicitly forbid incentivised reviews. But if you’re running your own site, you’ve got nothing stopping you but your keyboard. Writing something like ‘enjoy X% off your next purchase when you leave a review’ can be a highly effective way of increasing the efficiency of your ecommerce customer emails.


11. End With a Call to Action

Finally, tell the buyer exactly what you want them to do. If you want them to take advantage of a certain product, give them a deadline for when the discount ends. If you want them to sign up on your list, include a link and a line about how easy and fast it is. Whatever you want them to do, tell them.


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