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Recently, there have been many reports about Amazon changing its review-request policy. Some saw a brief inclusion stating that only one email could include a request for a product review. This information was reportedly in Seller Central for about a day and was then removed.

At present, this information is not on any of the communication guideline or product review policy pages. Here’s my take on what several pages within Seller Central say when you piece the tidbits of information together.

Amazon says (and has said for a while):

Customer product reviews

But, with that in mind, let’s look at what isn’t allowed.

Prohibited activities

Here’s where Amazon gets serious.

Review notes

Furthermore, this page also states that you cannot include:

Amazon review guidelines

Then we have this notice which debunks a common misconception that you should send shipping notices to customers.

Do not send


An Example of Someone Trying to Buy Amazon Reviews

Just the other day, I received this review request email from someone selling on Amazon. Reviews are important … I get that … but this seller was asking me to exchange a free product for a positive review.

Hello dear,

This is Daisy, I’m an amazon seller.

Recently, we need products testing, we need some good reviews. perhaps you might be interested in trying out our new product

Product one: Active NoXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX
Product two: Type C XXXXX XXXXX
Product three: Snow ChXXXX XXXXX

I would like to send it to you for free for your honest review. So that other customers will be better informed about my item. It’s ideal to use for yourself or send to others as a gift.

what is your interest?

If you are interested, please replay [sic] me directly

We will tell you the address of the product

Confirm the product after shipping as soon as we will refund you (include transfer fee), you are totally free.

Best regards

Sincerely Daisy

Aside from the terrible formatting and grammar, this is against Amazon’s TOS in many different ways — primarily because it offers to give me a refund after I purchase the item so long as I agree to leave a review.


What CAN You Do (Legally) in Amazon Review Emails to Get Reviews?

You can provide excellent customer service. This page states:

Generally, you will not send communications to customers other than as necessary for order fulfillment and related customer service.

Because Amazon is handling the shipping notices, return confirmations, and most other emails, what does that leave you with?

Providing helpful information that customers can make use of after they have received your product.

This should not be sales copy. After all, they have already bought your product; they don’t need to be convinced.

Ask yourself this question: If I bought this item, what additional information would I want so that my experience would be exceptional? And where do you find such ideas? In the Customer Questions & Answers section.

Yes, many of the questions will pertain to information someone needs to know before they buy, but you will also get queries from those who need help after they purchase, including these types of questions I found for a pet carrier product.

  • I bought this. How does it hook to seat belt?
  • How do I fold this down for storage?
  • How do the buckle loops allow for the carrier to be restrained with a seat belt? How does the seat belt work with these loops?

If you see repetition, you know this is a common question that needs to be addressed. Yes, you might have already answered this question in the instruction manual included with the shipment, but really… how often do people actually read those things?

Sending tips in your Amazon review request emails for attaching the pet carrier to a seat belt would make it oh so easy for your customer to accomplish what they want. And that makes them happy!

Then, after you’ve provided excellent customer service, ask for a product review.


What Other Information Can Go Into an Amazon Review Request?

The information you provide doesn’t have to be function based. In my ebook, Review Advantage: Email Strategies to Get Amazon Product Reviews (Legally!), I show you how to write emails that are truly appreciated by customers.

Here’s one example. Those pet owners who bought the carrier? I’ll bet they would be thankful for useful info about: Training dogs using a carrierReview Advantage ebook

  • Keeping dogs calm during airplane travel
  • Common issues while travelling with dogs (and the solutions)
  • How to best clean the carrier if Fluffy has an accident

And lots of other helpful ideas.

“Review Advantage” takes you through the process of finding ideas, sorting them out, and compiling emails that customers are glad they received.

The bottom line is: Keep the focus on helping your customers and they will be more likely to help you in turn.

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