An Amazon Verified Purchase (or Amazon Verified Product) review is a badge that shows up beside feedback to show the buyer purchased the item on Amazon AND got the item at a price you’d typically find available to most shoppers. It’s also part of the ranking algorithm, making it a valuable part of the feedback process. Learn more about how you can use Verified Product reviews to help you with using FeedbackExpress.


How Verified Purchases Earn the Badge

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There are a few criteria that go into determining if a product is eligible for the Verified Purchase badge:

  • The item was bought for at least 80% of its original value.
  • The buyer has to have spent at least $50 on Amazon to be able to leave such a review.
  • The buyer purchased the item on Amazon.
  • The buyer ticks the box that says ‘Amazon Verified Purchase’. They also have the ability to go back and edit a previous review as verified (including all past purchases).


Why Verified Purchase Reviews Matter

It can be tough to see your competitors filling their pages with oodles of reviews and wonder how they’re doing it, and working on ways to increase your own visibility and reputation amidst all that. But the Verified Purchase badge helps with that by enhancing your product’s trust — the review is genuine, not incentivised. And because buyers can filter by verified, having more of these kinds of reviews builds a greater amount of trust.

Verified reviews also factor into Amazon’s algorithm. Manipulated reviews have a negative effect, while verified reviews can have the opposite result. Each review is weighted according to the review’s age, helpfulness votes, verification history, and customer review history (e.g. if a buyer has left plenty of helpful reviews in the past, their ensuing reviews carry more weight).


How to Increase Your Positive and Helpful Reviews

The majority of buyers are only keyboard-friendly when they’ve had a negative experience. Getting them to write about a positive one takes a lot more work, but it’s nowhere near impossible. Here are some tips to help you get more — and verified — product reviews.

  1. Ask them to leave feedback. Most people want to be helpful and do what’s asked of them, so sending a message asking for feedback is incredibly effective. It’s also easier if you use a feedback app to handle this for you so you can send consistent, professional, and well-timed messages.
  2. Include a link that takes them directly to where they can leave a review. The easier you make it for them, the higher your chances of landing a review. Remind them to tick the Verified Purchase box if available.
  3. Offer top-quality products that make people want to rave about them. There are countless message boards and forums that centre around amazing, well-designed products where people share their opinions on them.
  4. Take care that the items you’re looking to have Verified Purchase badges assigned to qualify (i.e. not more than 20% discounted).
  5. Include product inserts in your packages that focus on the review part without asking for a positive review (this is against Amazon’s Terms of Service).
  6. Highlight to the buyer what’s in it for them if they leave a review (e.g. ask them to share how your product has made an impact on their life).
  7. Consider enrolling in the Amazon Vine Program or Amazon Early Reviewer Program.
  8. Use a feedback app to handle the process for you, in ways that can lead to much higher and better results than if you were to go at it alone.


Final Thoughts

One of the most important tools you can use on Amazon is FeedbackExpress. It’s an easy, almost thought-free way of improving how much feedback you get, which can boost your seller rating and make you even more competitive on Amazon. But to enjoy these benefits, you need to sign up and kick things off with a free 30-day trial.

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