Whatever product you are selling on Amazon, reviews can offer lots of great insights for sellers. Product review knowledge is essential if you want to grow your Amazon business. It can be a useful tool to have in your armour when it comes to stocking new inventory. You can choose to track Amazon product reviews manually or automatically using software such as FeedbackExpress.

Manual Review Tracking

The manual process for Amazon product review tracking can be time-consuming and boring. The steps you take will probably look something like this.

  1. Locate the product detail page URL.
  2. Manually load the page in a browser.
  3. See if any new reviews have been submitted.
  4. Drill down into the item’s “Customer Reviews” page for further analysis.
  5. Change the sort criteria to “most recent”.
  6. Read through the new reviews.
  7. Decide what, if any, action should be taken (publicly respond, etc.)
  8. Update your spreadsheet (if you’re keeping one).
  9. Repeat the process for the next ASIN on your list.

As your business grows, this manual process will start to take up more and more of your time — time that could be better spent elsewhere.

You could employ an assistant to help you with the task but they’re likely to want $10-$20 an hour to help you. Wouldn’t it be easier just to do things automatically using software?

Automated Amazon Product Review Tracking

If that sounds like music to your ears, we have the perfect automated solution to help you track your Amazon reviews and it might not even cost you a cent.

With FeedbackExpress, the first three ASINs are free and then it’s $9 for a package of 20 ASINs.

Adding review tracking to your ASINs within FeedbackExpress is so quick and easy. Just simply flick the toggle button to “On”.

Amazon product review tracking screen

Once it’s switched on, FeedbackExpress will automatically import your product reviews for you to view at a glance within the software.

You can even set up email and/or text message alerts for negative reviews. So, you’ll get alerts even when you’re not logged into FeedbackExpress.

Benefits of Amazon Product Review Tracking

Here are two suggestions for how you can use our Amazon product review tracking feature to grow your Amazon business.

1. Monitor Your ASINs

Unfortunately, there are numerous examples of underhanded tactics on Amazon with competitors leaving negative product reviews with those they are competing with on a listing. Setting up alerts will help you react to this quicker if it happens.

Tracking what your customers are saying about your products over time can be really insightful. For example, you might find out about alternative uses for your product, a colour people might prefer or ways you can improve the quality.

If you’re getting negative feedback about a particular product time and time again, then such a trend can quickly identify problems with your product which you can aim to fix.

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2. Find Keywords for Your Listings

Your customers’ product reviews are gold dust for your product listings and keywords. Analysis of how customers talk about your products, what things they highlight and like, offers you a tonne of keywords for your listings — and what’s even better is that the language your customers use is often the language they use to search for products.

By adding keywords and language akin to how your customers write, you’ll improve the SEO of your products over time and you’ll be highlighting the features and benefits they specifically identify.

Final Thoughts

Monitoring product reviews in an important element of managing your Amazon reputation. You can find keywords for your products, gain insights into trends (upward and downward) as well as potential product improvements and defects.

How you choose to do product review tracking will depend on your inventory size, budget and time. As I mentioned before, you can track three ASINs for free with FeedbackExpress.

You might decide to track some new products you’ve just launched or your bestselling products. It’s completely up to you!

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