Reviews are one of the main ways shoppers make the decision to buy. Have too many 2- and 3-star reviews, and you’re not likely to get a sale. If you’re wondering how to boost yourself into the next level where the majority of your reviews are 4- and 5-star ones, then FeedbackExpress will show you eight benefits of using product review software to get there.


1. You Can Set it and Forget It

Let’s be honest: remembering to email countless buyers at periodic intervals is a pretty mundane task. And it’s not usually something that’ll jump out in your mind, so you have two options: You can set alarms to do so and get annoyed at something constantly buzzing at you, or you can get software to take care of it so you don’t even have to think about it.


2. Customised Approach That’s Consistent Across Marketplaces

As streamlined as each Amazon marketplace is, there will be subtle differences within each country, like spelling and word use. Using great Amazon product review software means you can customise your approach to buyers in each marketplace, while still retaining a professional approach that’s consistent across the board.


3. All Your Tasks Are in One Spot

When you get ready in the morning, you don’t brush your teeth, have a coffee, wash your hair in the sink, put on pants, shave, shower the rest of you, and then eat breakfast. No, you combine tasks in distinct locations so it’s easier and faster. Product review software does the same thing. Instead of manually combing through product review pages, which could take hours, using software aggregates everything into one central location to save you time and effort.


4. Automatically Thanks Buyers for Leaving Positive Feedback

People like to be acknowledged for doing something nice, even if they have no expectation of recognition. It’s almost impossible to crawl Amazon and stay on top of thanking buyers when they leave positive feedback, but review software can do that for you. Better yet, a good program will also trigger a query to leave a product review at the same time.


5. Protects Your Seller Rating

If a buyer’s received their product late, it’s a bit tacky to ask them for a product review. After all, how can they review something that hasn’t even arrived yet? And why are you asking them for a review instead of figuring out — and fixing — the problem of the product being late? Good review software can filter out requests for late product delivery so you can protect your seller rating.


6. It Costs Nothing to Test it Out

If you’re wondering which software is right for you, then simply test it out. The hallmark of a decent program is a free trial, with the better ones offering the first month free. You should always be able to try something out before committing to it so you can make the most informed decision possible.

You know which product review software ticks all these boxes? FeedbackExpress, that’s who. Short of doing your laundry and watering your plants, we can do it all. But to get all this amazingness, you’ll have to sign up — and get 30 days free when you do.

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