9 Things to Expect From Amazon in 2018

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Have you got used to writing an ‘8’ at the end of the year yet? No? Maybe this post will help. In it, us seers at FeedbackExpress will take a look at all the new things you can reasonably expect to see from Amazon this year. Buckle up, because you’re in for a wild ride.


1. Sponsored Ads Will Get Bigger and Go To Infinity and Beyond

At the end of 2017, Amazon introduced Extended Ad Network, which means that ads for Sponsored Products will appear on sites outside of Amazon. The program is in beta right now and only available to those sellers that Amazon emailed (and only for auto campaigns), but we predict that it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a commonplace option.


2. Amazon Will Increase Its Value By More Than 50%

Before Christmas hit last year, Amazon was worth $600 billion with each share worth about $1,000. But according to Business Insider, which took its notes from Morgan Stanley, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility for Amazon to increase its value to $1 trillion (!!!) by the end of the year, with each share worth about $2,000.


3. They’ll Muscle In Even More on Netflix’s Territory

Prime members already get access to movies and TV shows, but Amazon isn’t stopping there. For 2018, they’ve got three custom-produced sci-fi series in the pipeline: Lazarus, which is based on the comic book by Greg Rucka where 16 rival families duke it out with a hitman in their family for protection (a “Lazarus”); Snow Crash, a one-hour production based on Neal Stephenson’s novel; and Ringworld, a series based on Larry Niven’s book that takes place in an Earth that is far superior, technologically, to the world we’re living in today.


4. Newer and Fancier Devices

First came the Kindle. Then the Echo. And in between was a blackhole where Amazon tried — and failed — to make their own smartphone. But if there’s one thing Amazon doesn’t like, it’s having their strategies disappear into a void, so keep your eyes peeled for news that Amazon is getting back into the smartphone world.


5. More Places Will Get Same-Day Delivery

It didn’t take long for same-day delivery to become a roaring success, with the Prime shipping option available in more than 8,000 cities worldwide. Amazon’s pretty good about re-investing their profits back into their business and ensuring buyers are happy, so look for many new markets to get same-day delivery in 2018.


6. Relations With Google Will Get Even Frostier

Google and Amazon are competitors, but the kind of competitors that can’t really stand to be in the same room as each other. See: Google having blocked YouTube access on Amazon devices. As much as we’re all about goodwill and world peace, sadly, we think matters will get even more strained between the two.


7. More Amazon Private Label Brands

It’s no secret that Amazon squashes out competitors on its own marketplace so it can sell its own brands and take a bigger share of the pie. This means that in 2018, you’ll likely see even more Amazon products sold under its own private label brands.


8. Video Reviews?

Video has become an integral part of Amazon, so it’s more than likely that we’ll start to see it make its way into reviews. Until that happens, FeedbackExpress is more than happy to handle getting buyers to leave reviews the old-fashioned way.


9. Smarter Eating

It was a pretty bold idea that Amazon rolled out in terms of shopping for groceries by auto-charging buyers for the items they picked up. Although that style of grocery shopping is only available in Seattle to a subset of Amazon employees, there’s a good chance the program will broaden its reach. Especially since Amazon bought Whole Foods.

One of the most fun things about a new year starting is wondering about all the fresh hopes and changes the blank calendar carries. But one thing that isn’t going anywhere is needing to be on top of coaxing reviews from your buyers. And for that, your top choice is FeedbackExpress. While you’re eagerly awaiting what comes next from Amazon, take this time to register and enjoy the first 30 days absolutely free.

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