6 Ways to Boost New Product Awareness

  • Boost product awareness

If you’re a reader of our blog then you know choosing a new product has many detailed steps. Once you’ve finished all of those and are ready to launch, the last thing is to create as much awareness about it as possible. FeedbackExpress has six ways you can do just that.


1. Use a Contest to Generate Buzz

It might seem like one of the oldest, most gimmicky things to do, but that’s because there’s value in this option. Contests are an awesome way to hype product awareness and grab a new pool of potential buyers, all in one fell swoop. An easy and efficient way is to have people sign up for your email list in exchange for a chance to win said product.


2. Get Involved on Social Media

Ever heard of Rupi Kaur? No? Well, she’s a poet who branded herself on Instagram and turned her 1.3 million followers into a book deal. What’s even more astounding is that she was a first-time writer, and it gets even better: Kaur sold 1.4 million copies of her book, Milk and Honey. Kaur gets it. She understands the power of connecting through social media and she’s leveraged it to incredible heights. We’re not saying you have to be the next Rupi Kaur, but you should be making as good use of social media as you can.


3. Sweeten the Deal for Those Who Pre-Order

You could be like every other seller and have the same boring pricing strategies…or you could offer buyers a discount if they pre-order. Make sure to put an expiry date on the offer so shoppers know it’s a limited-time deal (and to further drive up excitement).


4. Find a Partner to Help You Out

In construction, I-beams are used to support great weights while also resisting shearing forces. One I-beam can hold X number of pounds, so the logical guess would be that two I-beams could support double that, right? Not so much. When you put two I-beams together, they can support more than double because together, they reduce the limit of deflection (grossly oversimplifying it, it’s how much it sags or bends). You can do the same sort of thing when you band together with another seller/business by identifying similar markets without direct competition.


5. Remember the ‘I’ in Your VIP Customers

You have two lists of buyers, your VIP buyers and everyone else. It might not seem fair or equal, but that’s just the way it is. Some people believe that if they can afford to pay, they should be afforded different privileges. And if you’re lucky enough to have a core group of loyal and supportive buyers, you should be showing them first love. Send them an email with a special offer just for them, like a reduced price in exchange for help in testing, or whatever else works for you.


6. Hire Influencers to Help You Out

When you find out what influencers are, it’s kind of like finding out there’s no Santa Clause. The common story we’re all told is that good efforts and good deeds are rewarded. However, that’s not always the case. Simply put, influencers are people who have a large following online. And hiring them means just that: paying them to spread the word to their massive followings about your new and exciting product. It’s sort of like athletes and actors endorsing brands: they’re paid to increase popularity about a product by using their own popularity to help sell it. And you can/should do the same.


One you’ve gotten the ball started to roll on your new product, the next step is to increase momentum. And one of the best ways of doing that is through feedback and reviews. But like everything else in this post, you should not be going at it alone. Use a tool like FeedbackExpress to leverage your intelligence and acumen to help take your brand to the next level. And when you sign up now, you get the first 30 days totally free.

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