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When it comes to growth, many businesses are struggling right now. Some are struggling due to the poor economy and some because of a lead generation problem.

Lead generation is evolving at a rapid pace and thus several businesses are looking for the best ways to generate leads at the best possible ways. One of the best ways is through video marketing.

For some time, video marketing has been a staple of lead generation. For instance: virtual reality, 3D and live video.

According to a report by Renderforest, 93% of businesses are gaining new customers because of video posting on social media.

This is the major reason why many businesses are using video. Undoubtedly, the video is one of the most trusted mediums right now. But it all depends if you are using it in a correct way.

Amazon lead generation has grabbed the attention of many businesses. If you’re confused how Amazon Lead Generation can make video marketing easy, then let’s find out.


What is Amazon Lead Generation?

Amazon, the world famous technology company focusing on artificial intelligence, cloud computing and ecommerce offers lead generation template to the businesses. The Campaign Landing page format of Amazon Lead Generation allows advertisers to promote and show a non-endemic offer to drive leads to their website.

Videos can be a great lead generation tool and can help you build the trust of your potential audience. When done correctly, it can be a valuable lead generation tool that expands your marketing strategy.

According to a report by Entrepreneur, by 2019, video will be responsible for about 78% of the mobile data traffic across the globe. This clearly shows that videos are and will be responsible for getting leads on the website.


How Video Marketing can help in Lead Generation on Amazon

There is no doubt that user-generated content is the best medium to market your business. Marketers and Businesses who are using videos ended up growing 49% revenue faster than businesses not using videos.

Several social media managers who have listed their brands on Amazon are holding a contest on the social platforms of the brand. In this contest, managers are asking customers to send videos using their brand products. The best video will be rewarded and shown on the website’s homepage. This can also act as a video testimonial for a brand.

User-generated videos on Amazon inculcate confidence in their customers. This empowers customers to be their brand advocates. According to the reports, when it comes to persuading online shoppers, videos are the most powerful mediums than text. Moreover, user-generated videos will also help build better customer relationships.

One of the best examples of Amazon lead generation is to ask customers to send unboxing videos. This sort of video creates a sense of anticipation among the viewers. It also encourages potential shoppers to purchase a similar product and enjoy the same kind of experience.


Using Amazon Kindle for Lead Generation of your website

Amazon Kindle publishing is its great lead generation tool available. It has revolutionized the marketing in a way that we haven’t had before. For a couple of years, it has been used by the brands for Lead Generation. It is something that is accessible for anyone that kind of has a little bit of time and patience to organize their information in the content and put it out in the book form that they can become a lead generation tool.

For example, let’s take a college guide book. This sort of FAQs book contains all the information starting from blogs, emails, articles to FAQs of the questions. It shows that this book serves as a great guide. It can also help students and families understand college aid, admission, applications and another kind of related stuff. The guide comes with full-fledged information about the college. By having this kind of book, now they are giving a chance to people to find them on the new platform.

It gives access to millions of people worldwide and also gives some credibility as a published author to the one who has written it. There are also some books they published but never online as a Kindle book. This gives them a new platform and a new medium, helping them to reach an audience that may never be heard of them before. And when someone purchased their book, they also get a bonus download. If a buyer notices when he/she looked at the book, they will get a preview of the book. And if they are lucky enough, they may get a bonus guide.

All they need to do is click on the link provided. This link will take them to the brand website’s mailing list and enable you to converse with the buyers. This gives you a way to generate leads. All these aspects and steps make Amazon Kindle a lead generation tools. The cool thing about Amazon, especially publishing a Kindle book is FREE. You don’t need to pay anything to the Amazon. You merely have a good book. Uploaded it to Amazon Kindle Publishing and once they accept and approved the book, you will get your book published on Kindle.

As of 2017, the video on demand service of Amazon Prime Video stood at second position in the ever-growing video-on-demand industry. There are around 26 million subscribers of Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. With the increase in demand and market expands, brands and companies have started to create their own original content. According to Statista, Amazon created around 23 new digital orginal services in 2017 after the company introduced its original programming in 2013.


Final Thoughts

The search algorithms of Amazon are quite different from Google. Amazon has come a long way and helping brands in terms of lead generation. Websites like Renderforest are helping businesses to create videos for their business. Be in unboxing video or any other, there is no doubt that video marketing makes Amazon lead generation easier.

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