Amazon Compliance Resources for Launching a New Product

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Launching a new product on Amazon or going into a new marketplace can feel very overwhelming. If you’re a small seller or vendor, you may not be aware of the many regulations that your product may be subject to.

What Products are Typically Regulated?

In general, any product that meets any one of the following criteria is likely to be regulated:

  1. Is intended for a person under 14 years of age.
  2. Emits a wireless frequency, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  3. Plugs into a wall.
  4. Is intended for use on the skin (i.e. cosmetics), or will have prolonged contact with skin over time (i.e. art supplies).
  5. Will be in contact with food or could be absorbed into food in the normal course of use.
  6. Contains a lithium battery.
  7. Contains poisonous, toxic, or corrosive chemicals.
  8. Depending on the jurisdiction, in part or in whole of textile fabrics.
  9. Has stuffing or is upholstered in such a way that the stuffing isn’t immediately visible to the consumer.

Regulatory Agency Links for the US

Regulatory Agency Links for Canada

Regulatory Agency Links for the EU

Regulatory Links for Mexico

Regulatory Links for Turkey

Regulatory Links for China

Regulatory Links for Japan

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