Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you draft incredibly good content but it doesn’t seem to attract as much feedback from the readers? It can be quite frustrating and some people go into depression because of this. If you place so much effort into your work, then it’s only fair that all that research, time and energy deserve an audience and tangible feedback by all means.

But then sometimes the mistake that writers make is not all about bad content but failing to reach out to the audience. So if you find yourself in such a situation such that you’re even contemplating giving up, you should try getting out of your comfort zone and reach out to your valuable content readers.

But how? Let’s look at four ways.


1. Use Instagram Stories

If you produce content and aren’t on Instagram yet, then you are missing out a lot. Instagram stories provide a platform where you can post your pictures and videos accompanied by texts. You can also use the various available story functions to directly interact with your audience through question and answer sessions and even encourage poll participation.


2. Go Live on Facebook and Instagram

This newest social media feature on this platform brings a different dimension of reaching out to content readers. Through this, you get the opportunity to directly connect with your audience in real life. All you need is a reliable source of internet connection and you’re ready to stream live.

The best part of this lies in the fact that Facebook even allows the audience to react at your video right away. So you can take the opportunity to unveil the title of your next content, stream live your content launching event, and much more. Just try to make it as lively as possible.


3. Use of Robots

The evolution of the internet offers so many options for content creators to interact with their readers. So if you find yourself busy to interact one on one with your readers, you can hire the services of robots for the same.

This Forbes article explains how most companies are using artificial intelligence to better human intelligence. So you can use chat-bots to welcome readers to your inquiry section and encourage them to interact with you. Actually, this is one way of improving your customer support capabilities.


4. Include an “Ask the Author” Section on your Site

For this function to remain active, it’s best if you placed it right after your personal bio. You can take the opportunity to write a small message to your content readers encouraging them to questions pertaining to that particular content.

Once they do, you get to answer all/some of the questions before they become public. It’s one way of getting revealing more about yourself to your audience. Maximise on that.


Final Thoughts

Being a content creator call for much more than just creating content and posting it out there. You have to ensure it reaches the right audience. Also, ensure to maintain contact with them for a long term relationship.

You can do this by maximising the use of various features on Facebook and Instagram, hiring robots and coming up with an author Q&A section.

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