4 Top Strategies to Increase Your Amazon Sales

How to Increase Your Amazon Seller Feedback Rating

Online commerce would be nothing without the powerful selling platform of Amazon. Millions of products from thousands of sellers are available to consumers every day. Merchants have the chance to reach across the world when they take advantage of the selling power of Amazon.

Listing your product is just the beginning of a successful Amazon campaign. With the high level of competition, it’s not enough to just have a unique product to sell. If you want to improve your conversion rates and bring in more sales you need to step up your Amazon game.

Taking advantage of site sponsored tools, choosing to find a copywriter to help you format your posts and keeping your pricing competitive are all great ways to get your products sold. From dealing with and taking advantage of negative reviews to having the best shipping options there is plenty that you can do to put your store on top.

1. Competitive Pricing

For many online consumers, the price is the determining factor in where they will spend their money. You may be one of a dozen merchants that are all vying for the same buyers so you will need to stand out from the crowd. When you decide what products you are going to sell you should pick items that have higher profit margins, as this will give you more flexibility with your pricing. To price competitively automatically you probably want to use Amazon repricing software. Check out this list of the best Amazon repricers available.

2. Use Pro Merchant

This popular tool for sellers is available through Amazon. When you use Pro Merchant you can list items for a fraction of the price. Regular costs for listings are $0.99/transaction but, with this valuable tool, you can pay a flat rate of $39.99/month for unlimited listings. Take advantage of bulk uploading to get more items online than ever before.

3. Win the Buy Box

This little known secret is the golden ring for Amazon merchants to achieve. This small buyer option gives sellers the coveted bonus of having the “buy” option attached to their product. To win the Buy Box you must be a preferred merchant with good customer standing, excellent prices, and premium shipping options.

4. SEO

It can’t be stressed enough that your product content and description are a vital part of getting found easily on Amazon. When consumers are entering a random search for products you want to be at the top of the results list. Without optimized content, buyers will end up looking at your competitor’s products instead of yours. Think about hiring a copywriter to help you add the right SEO content to your listings to help you stay in the game.


The online marketplace can be a goldmine if you know how to optimize your products for sale. Take advantage of free and subscription online tools to make sure that you are drawing customers to your products. You have to be seen to make money, and the Amazon platform is an excellent launching pad for your business.

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