Guest post by Sarah from Wholesale Ted

Today, I’m going to share with you our 10 tips for drop shipping online.

1. Focus on items that have constant, on-going demand. Don’t rely on volume.

2. Appeal to a customer’s WANTS rather than NEEDS to increase the sales price/profit per sale.

3. Free traffic is fine to use but you need to be patient when using it.

4. You can use paid traffic to quickly identify which items sell well, and which items are duds.

5. You don’t need the lowest price or highest feedback to compete with other sellers. Find other ways (buy box, creating a better listing) to add value to your offer.

6. Focus on finding items you can upsell to your customers so that you make more money per-sale than your competitors.

7. Did you know that Amazon closed the FBA program to new sellers for Q4 this year? If you haven’t sent anything into the FBA warehouses before you’ll have to wait until January to do so because you dragged your feet. Never take anything for granted!

8. Don’t become attached to products just because you like them – only sell what the customer wants.

9. It’s easier to learn and absorb the optimization techniques we teach you if you take action and create your first listing/ad/store, even if it isn’t perfect. Don’t worry, you can perfect it later!

10. Diversify your product range so you can upsell your customers. Think about it: If your customer is interested in survival products, there are lots of things they’ll want to buy (flashlights, tents, backpacks etc). Do this and increase your profit per-customer.

Check out the video below with Sarah and Fred Lam, a million-dollar online seller, where they explain each tip in-depth.

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