The new year is almost here, and along with getting past the weirdness of writing a ‘9’ at the end of the year instead of an ‘8’, you should also be thinking of what products to sell online. If you’re too busy with other stuff or stuck on ideas, FeedbackExpress has eight ideas of trending products that might fit your 2020 selling plan.

1. Beard Oil and Other Maintenance Products

It’s no secret men are investing in products to take care of themselves and look good, and beard products are one of the biggest gainers, with beard oil being one of the top sellers. You’d be tapping into a large demographic, whether it’s for men or gifts for them. And there are many related items you can expand into if you want to broaden your scope.

2. Keto-Related Products

Every few years, a new diet makes the round and keto currently has the spotlight. It focuses on greatly reducing carb intake, which can be tricky with so many foods containing carbs. One way you can appeal to buyers is with keto supplements and products so they can have an easier time with their diets. Because they’re food items, make sure you’re following import laws and that the products are safe for consumption — if you do things right, you can look forward to re-orders and big profit margins.

3. Shapewear

Speaking of diets, another trending product people are looking for is shapewear so that their bodies can reflect the changes they’re making on the inside. Women will be your primary audience, so keep that in mind with your marketing strategies. Also keep in mind that shapewear can be uncomfortable or potentially harmful to wear (because it’s so tight), so spend time researching reputable suppliers before shipping these profitable pieces.

4. Menstrual Cups

Another thing women are interested in that could garner you lots of word-of-mouth business is menstrual cups. They’re valued for their environmentally-friendly, chemical-free, low-maintenance nature, something not available with pads and tampons. Although they’re small and inexpensive to ship, one downside may women not needing to order many of them — so combat that with a higher volume of sales.

5. Bamboo Toothbrushes

While we’re talking about trending products that are also environmentally-friendly, think about selling bamboo toothbrushes, which have a really friendly footprint. As a bonus for you, they’re small, easy and cheap to ship, and can bring you many re-orders because people change toothbrushes regularly.

6. Minimalist Watches

Wristwatches are almost always a strong seller, whether it’s plain analogue watches for high-tech ‘smart’ watches. But one type that has sold strongly in 2018 and should carry that trend into 2019 is minimalist watches, largely because there is such a wide variety available for affordable prices. To boost your sales, consider cases and spare batteries as options for bundling.

7. Fairy Lights

An interesting note about this product is that it’s been around for a long time, but has gained a lot of traction in the last year. Why? Because social media and its hashtags have popularised them. If you look at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, you’ll see hashtags like #homegoals, #fairylightphotography, #partylights, and #homedecor floating around, which spike home envy as people look for inspiration to redo their own places.

8. Travel Backpacks

Travelling is easier and cheaper than ever before, but the downside of that is airlines are nickle-and-diming passengers to make more money. One workaround for people is not checking baggage, which has contributed to the rise of travel backpacks. A good one is light, stylish, functional, and affordable, all features you should be using in your search for high-selling items. Although competition can be high and you likely won’t see many re-orders, you can easily expand by cross-selling related items.

Finding Live Product Trends

For finding new product trends in real-time, check out Trending Products – it’s a product research software tool that shows you trending products based on social sharing signals in the last 24 hour period, such as video views, likes, shares and click traffic. Advance algorithms watch millions of dropshipping stores daily and track every new product gaining traction in real-time.

Final Thoughts

A number of products on this list can be tough for re-orders, but you can help boost your sales by getting as many reviews on your site as possible. Spreading the word can help get sales from new buyers, but you don’t have to limit yourself to low re-order consumers. All positive feedback is great, especially the more you have of it. To help, use FeedbackExpress and make life easier for yourself, which starts when you sign up now and start with a free 30-day trial.

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