There are few things worse than selling on eBay and getting a notification update that a buyer has left a scathing review. Not only does it feel like a blaring alarm, warning off other buyers, but it also points to a weakness in your selling method. Luckily, FeedbackExpress has the complete guide on eBay feedback revision so you can get back on your feet and sell more strongly than before.

The Pitfalls of Negative eBay Feedback

Poor reviews can have many lasting repercussions and affect your business in various ways.

  • Unhappy shoppers are far more likely than happy ones to write about their experience.
  • The vast majority of buyers use reviews as their main method in choosing to buy something online.
  • Too many poor reviews can damage your account health, leading to suspension or even a ban if not resolved.
  • Although eBay itself doesn’t put as much stock into negative reviews as Amazon does, focusing more on defect rate and late shipment rate, those areas can be part of what a buyer comments on in their review.
  • If your account metrics dip too low, your search visibility can also suffer. That’ll make it harder for buyers to find you, which means your sales may drop.

How Does Bay Feedback Revision Work?

eBay has a pretty good policy in place when it comes to feedback revision. They’ll let you submit a request for revision, letting you try and rectify the situation in a number of ways.

You’re allowed to submit five revision requests for every 1,000 reviews you get during a 12-month period.

Obviously, this number tends to benefit high-volume sellers, but lower-volume sellers have a different benefit: because their shops aren’t as busy, they tend to have a bit more time on their hands to deal with feedback without using revision requests.

If you’ve tried everything in your power to change the situation for the better and still feel stuck, you can submit a feedback revision request. Just make sure you haven’t exceeded your monthly allotment and that the feedback was placed in under 30 days.

eBay Feedback Revision Process

To do so, login to your eBay portal and click on the feedback revision request page. You’ll see a selection of the feedback that was left on your page, so scroll down to the one you want to be revised. This will take you to a page where you can compose a message to the buyer and explain why you want their feedback revised.

When drafting your message, briefly summarize to the buyer the steps you took to solve their unhappiness and make things better. Explain why their feedback is so important (it helps other buyers make an informed decision, it tells you how you did as a seller, etc.) and give them the link to where they can revise their feedback, asking them to do so.

However, just because you sent a feedback revision request, it doesn’t automatically mean the review will be changed. The buyer has 10 days in which to either accept or reject the feedback, with an auto-reminder being sent after seven days if the buyer hasn’t done anything.

If despite your best efforts, the buyer has opted not to revise their feedback, you must abide by their decision, no matter how much you may disagree with it. It’s the buyer’s privilege to leave whatever feedback they want, as long as it complies with eBay’s policies. And if it’s negative, you should really take it to heart as a way of identifying where you fell short and how you can avoid that in the future.

Note: You can save one of your feedback revision requests for another time if the feedback given violated eBay’s policies. Usually, this is when the review contains threatening, obscene or offensive language, has identifying personal information, or when it threatens or implies danger about the person it was written for. If this is the case, reach out to eBay so they can evaluate if the feedback should be removed.

Final Thoughts

Getting buyers to leave a review shouldn’t have to be something you deal with manually and on an individual basis. And if you get a negative review, you should be notified immediately instead of combing through feedback and stumbling upon it.

To help you with both, FeedbackExpress is there to simplify your life and maximize the reviews you get. We’ll send alerts straight to your phone so you can react as quickly as possible, as well as provide you with templated messages so you can automate as much of the process as possible.

To make life easier for yourself, sign up now and enjoy a free 30-day trial.

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